Blood Python – Thailand – Python brongersmai

Blood Python - Thailand - Python brongersmai non-venomous snakes that are not very common in Thailand
Blood Python - Thailand - Python brongersmai

These pythons are short and fat, and don’t move around all that much. Surprisingly, they can climb and have excellent grippy scales to so with.

Here in southern Thailand these snakes are found most often on rubber tree plantations.

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2 thoughts on “Blood Python – Thailand – Python brongersmai”

  1. Hi Vern.. I have just been given a rather chubby Blood Python… gorgeous!! Thing is, it was caught here on Koh Samui island! It is about 1 metre long, and is definitely a ‘short tailed’ python. Are they moving north then? I will be keeping this one for a while i think.. absolutely beautiful snake.

    • Hi Alan,

      Is this the same Alan I talked with on Samui before? I can’t remember if the blood pythons are native over there or not. I guess you finding one means = yes, they are!

      Where was it found exactly? What sort of environment? Any photos or videos?

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