My name is Vern Lovic, I’m a snake enthusiast living in Southern Thailand. I’m interested in snakes, other reptiles, and many other wildlife species found in Thailand and across Asia. I enjoy taking photos and videos, but I don’t keep or sell snakes.

I just don’t believe in it. Never did. That doesn’t mean I don’t have friends that keep snakes – I do. I respect others’ beliefs about the subject, we’re all different!

I added some information here from a number of resources and a lot of my own personal experience.

Note – Some information found on the pages of will be outdated, and some will be incorrect. Every effort was made to ensure factual information, but as it happens the information contained on these pages is not without error. I am in good company though because I have not found any snake resource to be infallible. If you see something wrong – feel free to let me know so I can change it.

If you need a snake identified post your image or description to our public Facebook group here: Thailand Snakes.

EMAIL – If you want to talk to me about a snake project, herping field trip, eco-photography trip, using images, technical papers, or a visit to Thailand – and also for any EMERGENCY – you can write me at the email below.

I don’t answer snake Identification requests by email.


Vern L.


  1. hi,good morning

    how can i download your pdf book common venomous and non venomous snakes of thailand??

    shop don`t work

    may be ,you could send it by e-mail?

    many thanks


  2. Hi Vern,

    Great work, I downloaded your free e-book a few weeks ago and it helped me to identify a King Cobra that came into my house in Prachuap Khirikhan last week. It was a 4m male that came in to get out of the rain. An amazing animal, showing no aggression towards me or my dog, just had a quick tour and then curled up in a corner. He was safely removed and relocated by a very patient and professional Thai fireman (I have some video footage if you would like to see it). Im interested in buying your recent book but unclear on how to proceed? Please advise and keep up the excellent and informative work!

    1. WOW. Not everyone gets to see one close up. Glad your dog didn’t have a problem with it either! Sure, send some video or give me a link where to find it. Always like to see them. Contact me with email found on the lower side of this page – Cheers!

  3. Hello Vern,

    I have twice tried to send you the receipt for purchase of your ebook (130 Baht) and both times the email comes back as undeliverable. I am sending to [email protected]. Anyway, please try to send the PDF.

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