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Dragon Snake – Yes, It’s Real! (Photos + Video)

Dragon snake full body photograph.

[Page Updated: 2 July 2021] The dragon snake found in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia is a unique snake with odd scalation and coloration. This snake is not necessarily that difficult to find, but few have found one due to it’s preference for rocky streams in southern Thailand and further south. Not many herpers making the … Read more

Oriental Rat Snake – INFO and PHOTOS

A big oriental rat snake (Ptyas mucosus) eats a radiated rat snake (Coelognathus radiata).

Name: Ptyas mucosus (Oriental rat snake). Previously known as Ptyas mucosa. Thai: (ngu sing hang lai) Length: Up to 370 cm but usually under 3 meters. Range: Throughout Thailand, and common in Hua Hin area. Habitat: The Oriental Rat snake prefers open forests, and at times comes into residential areas. I have had a number of ID … Read more

Brown Kukri Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

Oligodon purpurascens (Brown Kukri Snake) Thais say: Ngoo koot Appearance: Typical kukri shape – not long, but thick snakes with a short tail and no real separation between neck and head. Very small head. Pattern on top of head indicative of most kukri species. Venter is creme or pink. Length: Average just under 1 meter (about … Read more

Indochinese Rat Snake – Non Venomous – Not Dangerous

[Last updated: 28 November 2019] Ptyas korros (Indo-Chinese Rat Snake) Thais say: (ngoo sing baan) Length: Adults are just over 1 meter, but can reach near 2 meters. Range: All over Thailand and most of Asia including: Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Western Malaysia, and Singapore. Habitat: … Read more

Common Thailand Non-Venomous Snakes – Photos, Videos, Links

Common Thailand non-venomous snakes category.

Did you get our FREE PDF file yet? PHOTOS OF COMMON THAILAND SNAKES! It’s HERE> 83 pages many snakes featured: Cobras, Kraits, Pit Vipers, Corals, Rat Snakes, etc. facts and photos! Thailand’s Very Common Non-Venomous Snakes [Last updated: 2 December 2019] Thailand has around 185 snake species considered non-venomous, or mildly venomous and not a … Read more