1 Day and Night Intensive Wildlife Experience (Krabi)

Recently a group has begun offering both night and daytime wildlife field trips that includes the full package (but not meals).

One Day Wildlife Field Trips

You fly in to Krabi (KBV) International Airport, they pick you up and take you to a nature resort surrounding by mountains and rainforest.

You stay in the bungalows there and have a daytime and a night session of hiking and looking for wildlife of all kinds, including snakes and other reptiles (turtles, geckos, lizards).

You can arrive in the mid-afternoon for a night session, and have a daytime morning session.

Or, just arrive before noon and have a daytime session then a night session, stay overnight, and leave in the morning. Of course you’re welcome to stay if you want to continue your wildlife adventure.

Great for Wildlife Photographers

Tips can be given to improve your wildlife photography skills during the field trips. Shooting animals at night is quite different then during daylight hours and there are many tips that can help level-up your night time skills.

Choose Your Focus

They’ll let you choose what you want to focus on. If you’d rather target insects at night and birds during the daytime field trip – do that. Or, arrange the hikes as you wish.

Each field trip goes for 2-3 hours and is based on the stamina of everyone in the group.

Wildlife that Can Often be Seen (no guarantees!)

  • slow lorises
  • calugos
  • civets
  • leopard cats
  • night jars (birds hunting at night)
  • owls
  • mini deer
  • snakes – venomous and non-venomous
  • lizards – monitors, forest crested lizards, green lizards
  • geckos – tokays, gliding geckos, bent-toed geckos, other common geckos
  • birds sleeping in trees and bushes
  • millipedes and centipedes (scolopendra)
  • spiders of all kinds, including tarantulas and huntsmen
  • frogs – around 10 species
  • toads – giant bufo toads


Reserve your date(s) to ensure you have a place to stay and guide to help you find animals.

Here’s a page where you can register for the Krabi Wildlife Experience >