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60+ Snake Species I’ve Found Or Caught in Thailand

60+ Snake Species I’ve Found Or Caught in Thailand
I thought I’d write up a list of Thailand snakes I’ve caught – just to try to keep track. Here’s a list of both venomous and non-venomous snakes I’ve caught (through 4/2017).

Thailand Snakes I’ve Found:

NEW SPECIES! I found a new Oligodon species that has not been named.

NEW SPECIES! I found another snake that I think is a new species. It is similar to a keelback but thinner, and longer. It was yellow with a white ring around the neck, about 70 cm in length around 400 meters in elevation.

Venomous Species

Non-Venomous Species

  • Speckle-bellied Keelback (Rhabdophis chrysargos)
  • Green Keelback (Rhabdophis nigrocinctus)
  • Golden Kukri Snake (Oligodon cinereus)
  • Purple Kukri Snake (Oligodon purpurascens) both normal and red phase
  • Striped Kukri (Oligodon taeniatus)
  • Blood Python (Python Brongersmai)
  • Reticulated Python (Malayopython reticulatus)
  • Triangle Keelback (Xenochrophis trianguligerus)
  • Common Brown Keelback (Xenochrophis flavipunctatus)
  • Checkered Keelback (Xenochrophis piscator)
  • Striped Keelback (Amphiesma stolatum)
  • Big-eyed Mountain Keelback (Pseudoxenodon macrops)
  • Oriental Whip Snake (Ahaetulla prasina) green, yellow phases
  • Malayan Whip Snake (Ahaetulla mycterizans)
  • Long-nosed Whip Snake (Ahaetulla nasuta)
  • Malayan Banded Wolf Snake (Lycodon subcinctus)
  • Brown Whip Snake / Keel bellied Whip Snake (Dryophiops rubescens) in both brown and red phases.
  • Butler’s Wolf Snake (Lycodon butleri)
  • Common Wolf Snake (Lycodon capucinus)
  • Dusky Wolf Snake (Lepturophis albofuscus)
  • Laotian Wolf Snake (Lycodon laoensis)
  • Malayan Bridle Snake (Dryocalamus subannulatus) both phases – striped and blotched
  • Puff-Faced Water Snake (Homalopsis buccata)
  • Red Tailed Pipe Snake (Cylindrophis ruffus ruffus)
  • Sunbeam Snake (Xenopeltis unicolor)
  • Common Water Snake / Yellow Bellied Water Snake (Enhydris plumbea)
  • Golden Tree Snake (Chrysopelea ornata)
  • Paradise Tree Snake (Chrysopelea paradisi)
  • Blue Bronzeback Snake (Dendrelaphis cyanochloris)
  • Striped Bronzeback Snake (Dendrelaphis caudolineatus)
  • Common Bronzeback Snake (Dendrelaphis pictus)
  • Banded Bronzeback (Dendrelaphis striatus)
  • Copperheaded Racer | Radiated Rat Snake (Coelognathus radiata)
  • Malayan Racer (Coelognathus flavolineatus)
  • Red-tailed Racer (Gonyosoma oxycephalum)
  • Banded Cat Snake / Mangrove Cat Snake / Black Cat Snake (Boiga dendrophila)
  • Green Cat Snake (Boiga cyanea)
  • Dog-toothed Cat Snake (Boiga cynodon)
  • Common Mock Viper (Psammodyanstes pulverulentus)
  • Ridley’s Racer (Othriophis taeniurus ridleyi)
  • Indo-Chinese Rat Snake (Ptyas korros)
  • White-bellied Rat Snake (Ptyas fusca)
  • Oriental Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosus)
  • Keeled Rat Snake (Ptyas carinatus)
  • Brahminy Blind Snake (Ramphotyphlops braminus)
  • Common Bridle Snake (Dryocalamus davisonii)
  • Rainbow Water Snake (Enhydris enhydris)
  • Orange-bellied Snake (Gongylosoma baliodeirus)

DORs (Dead on Road)

I don’t count these, I have seen more species in addition to those above.

60+ different snake species. Well, there are 150+ more out there – so I’d better get herping.

Just to make it crystal clear for those that need it. I catch the snakes and let them go in the same place I found them – in all cases except rescues where I am removing snakes from someone’s property, and they must be relocated. I release snakes I catch almost always within 24 hours. I release the snakes back to another suitable habitat.

If you want to come and find snakes in Thailand – give us an email:

Email address for ThailandSnakes.com

We go primarily at night to herp for a couple of reasons:

1. More herps.
2. Cooler weather.

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  1. An impressive list! You just need to add king cobra to the ‘caught’ list…..as do I! Cheers man

    1. We do, we do… there is still time this year, let’s see what happens!

  2. I happed on to a White Lipped Green Tree Viper while taking out an old tree at a missionary facility in north east central Bangkok. Beautiful grass green snake about 16″ or more long. Residents had seen other species in the same compound, but I don’t have names.

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