Please HELP with Our Ambitious Snake Project

Snakes, and really all reptiles, get a bad rap – don’t they? There are few people who really care about snakes and even fewer who actually do anything to help their cause. I know there are many people who read this site and visit our Facebook page who want to help, but just don’t know how. I hope you choose to help with this project if you can.

I can’t imagine there is any money to be made, so let me say that right upfront. It’s hard for my friend in Laos to even get any state funding for snakebite victims in the country. Every few years, David Warrell creates large reports on the state of snakebites in various areas, and still, there is little funding available for preventing snakebite through education and other services.

Snake Identification Project – an Idea

I’ve been thinking about an idea for a few weeks. I am ready to go forward with it, but I’m definitely going to need some help. In particular, I’m looking for people to HELP IDENTIFY SNAKES from all over the world. Canada, Mexico, USA – and maybe by region (southeast, northwest, etc.), Africa, Guam, Brazil, Australia, Laos, Malaysia, China, India, you get the idea!

I’m thinking about a 6-month goal to get the first service out there for testing. So, there wouldn’t be anything to do for a while. When it does go live, it’s possible that some local experts receive requests for a couple of identifications each day. Here in Thailand I usually get 1-5 requests per day, and there are many other resources where people can go to get snakes identified.

If you ARE INTERESTED IN HELPING and you know snakes for your state, province, country, or even continent, please sign up below. I’ll be contacting you by email shortly.

We’ll also be working on getting an Indiegogo project up and running, so if you would like to help in some way and don’t know how – any contribution you can make to help us tackle snakebite and snake identification worldwide will be very much appreciated.

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