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Amazing Wildlife Field Trips at Night (Don’t Miss This!)

Snake, Amphibian, Mammal, and Insect Field Trips around Krabi

Thailand is filled with some of the most stunning wildlife on the planet. Remember as a kid you were outside after dark to catch lightning bugs or find frogs? Many of us did this before we were teenagers and some of us never did it again.

Here’s your chance to be a kid again! One of the most unique and fun experiences you can have in Thailand is to go out with headlamps and see some of the frogs, lizards, gliding geckos, hog badgers, flying foxes (bats), colugos, civets, slow lorises, insects, and SNAKES, that are all over Thailand’s rainforests.

Night tours for finding wildlife in Krabi, Thailand.
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If you don’t need any convincing and you want to arrange a private field trip to see some of what Thailand’s forests have to astound you with, GO HERE to let us know you’d like to go!

Go Into the Rainforest Yourself?

You may want to just go into the forest at night by yourself. We hope you don’t. There are some places in and around Krabi (all over Thailand) that are not safe to go looking for wildlife at night. You really need a guide.

  • Private property – obviously you cannot just go walking around someone’s property at night.
  • Dogs – Dogs are a serious problem all over Thailand for nature lovers trying to find quiet pockets of forest to explore without being attacked by groups of dogs.
  • Hunters – Thais with guns are frequently in the forest looking for civets, hog badgers, and other animals they shoot for food and fur.
  • Teens on drugs – Teens on drugs could be harmlessly stumbling around, or they could rob you for money. Some are insistent on asking for money to the point where you just give it to them. Some naturists are followed into the forest and bothered.
  • Snakebite – Will you know exactly what to do if bitten by a Malayan Pit Viper? A cobra? A Malayan krait? You’ll need to know which hospitals have the antivenom. You’ll need to know exactly what snake bit you. You’ll need to know what the response by doctors should be so they don’t give you antivenin too soon when there is no indication for it. There is a lot to know about this topic and to be honest, not all of Thailand’s doctors are up to speed with what to do with snakebites. Especially in places where they don’t happen often.


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