Thailand Snake Note – If Bitten by Snake?

If you are bitten by a snake in Thailand it’s a good idea to immediately wrap an elastic bandage, shirt, whatever you have directly on top of the wound, and if the wrap is long enough – continue to wrap above and below the wound as well.

Get to a hospital. DON’T READ THE REST OF THIS  –  GO NOW.

There are more than 60 species of venomous snake in Thailand. Some are quite deadly. Most, rather harmless. The ones you generally have to look out for are:

  • King Cobra
  • Monocled Cobra
  • Equatorial Spitting Cobras
  • Indochinese Spitting Cobras
  • Malayan Kraits
  • Malayan Pit Vipers
  • All Pit Vipers
  • Russel’s Viper

I may have forgotten some, but I just wanted to list those that you are most likely to be bitten by – and be in serious trouble. These are the deadly snakes. More than likely you’d be bitten by either of two – the Russell’s Viper and the Malayan Pit Viper, both very common and both quite deadly if not treated immediately.


Steps to treating snake bite in Thailand (click)

2 thoughts on “Thailand Snake Note – If Bitten by Snake?”

  1. Hi Vern! I am living in Satun with my wife and her family, until our house is built. The home of her parents is exposed to the outside, where the rafters meet the exterior walls. Is there danger of any venomous snakes,that can climb walls and enter the home? In 6 weeks we’ve moved here, I’ve seen 4 scorpions in the house, 1 snake inside (that they said was not dangerous and a loatian wolf snake 2 days ago, while putting my shoes on outside. Welcome to Thailand he he :)

    • Hi Jeff, yeah, it sounds like you’re living in a wildlife preserve. Satun is basically that! I hope to get down there to herp the Taliban National Park on one of my next visa runs.

      Venomous snakes like King cobra, Monocled cobras, kraits, vipers, can all climb. They don’t typically climb to get in houses though. As far as venomous snakes go, your best be would be to make sure the doors and windows are all securely shut at night time. Even screens, in good shape, will stop snakes from coming in. Make sure you don’t walk at night without a flashlight – the Malayan pit vipers are the snake to worry about out in the yard… Cheers!

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