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Two Adult Tokay Geckos Fight Off a Golden Tree Snake

Awesome snake video – so glad these Thai ladies caught this in action. I’d never have guessed the one gecko that was free would go attack the snake. These snakes are notorious for eating these big Tokay geckos. Tokays are C. ornata’s favorite food because they’re slow, stand their ground, and are easily subdued and eaten (usually).

I have seen dozens of photos and videos of Tokays and golden tree snakes fighting and the tokay very rarely wins, but I cheer for the underdog!


  1. Great video Brudda Vern! My wife will be so happy when I show it to her!

  2. We saw something very similar in our house. The tokays ecaped, but one died of the snakes venom, and a fiew days later the cat had killed the snake:(

  3. What an amazing video. On my first visit to Thailand in 2012 we went to the snake farm in Bangkok. We were about to leave when my wife noticed a commotion in the leaf litter just outside the wire mesh fence – i.e. outside of the snake farm grounds, on the next door property. Looking closer we saw it was one of these snakes (which we could identify because there was a very similar one in one of the snake farm terraria!) wrapped around a big tokay, which was squirming its last. Too bad the tokay didn’t have a buddy to help out, but I guess snakes have to eat. After three visits to Thailand these are still the only wild snake and the only tokay I’ve seen in Bangkok.

    1. I’ve been there to the Queen Saovabha Memorial Institute to see the snakes and displays. Worth the trip. Yeah, the C. ornata absolutely love these big tokays. They’re a fairly easy meal usually, and the snake wouldn’t have to eat for at least a week after swallowing an adult tokay. Thanks for your comments. Cheers man!

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