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Need a Snake Removed in Thailand? Call These Phone Numbers

There are a number of contacts you can call in Thailand if you need to have a snake removed from your home, yard, vehicle, or whatever it is. The first call would probably go to the snake park guys in your area. They are happy to come and get whatever type of snake you have.

These snakes may end up exploited in a Snake Show, eaten, or hopefully let go into the wild but that doesn’t happen often.

The reasons are many, but primarily because the king cobras, monocled cobras, and kraits they keep for the shows eat a snake once a week. They are snake eaters and eat a lot.

(Page Updated: 21 July 2023)

Phone Numbers To Call for Thailand Snake Removal

Bangkok, call Mr. Sompop Sridaranop at 089-0438455.

Chalong, Rawai, Kata, Karon Phuket, call 076-283346.

Chiang Mai’s Mae Sai Valley Snake Farm is about 15 km north of Chiang Mai. If they don’t want to come all that way to your home, they will know who to call instead: 053-860719.

Koh Phangan, call Stefan’s Rescue Service at 080-046-8457.

Koh Samui, call Samui Snake Rescue / Removal, Phil at 089-663-5085.

Krabi – Ao Nang Beach area. Call Vern Lovic 063.549.5050 or Lars 088.594.6915. We’ll sort it out and ensure that the snake is released harm-free in one of the nearby rainforests. Please DO NOT call any snake show.

Krabi Town – Contact Vern Lovic 063.549.5050

Phuket – Patong Beach and Kathu areas – call MICHAEL FORDHAM FIRST, please. 096.635.0723 He’ll release snakes back to the wild as soon as possible.

Phuket anywhere – call Ruamjai Kupai Foundation, 076-238364.

Phuket Kathu, Thalang, call the Wisarut Jaiton Kusoldharm Rescue Foundation: 076-246301 or 076-246599.

My operating procedure for a snake rescue is that we relocate and release all snakes in suitable habitats. We don’t trade snakes, sell them, skin them, pull their gallbladders out, or cut their heads off to drip blood on your newborn infant’s head.

If nobody answers, call the emergency staff using 1669. Please note, they will capture the snake but most will turn them over to the local snake show or keepers to be sold on the open market or used in shows.

All snakes die at the snake shows. In captivity at someone’s home, most die. None are living their best lives.

Much better to set them free!

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  2. I need contact number of snake catcher in Bangkok. I tried the number of Sompop given here bit seems number is not valid. Can you plz help me to number of snake catcher in Bangkok

    1. Contact the police or ambulance personnel. Most will know the name and number for a snake catcher in BKK.

  3. What about snake bites in Thailand? Do local hospitals hold anti-venom? Or is is just main or specialist hospitals. Knowing this would save valuable time if bitten, particularly in a rural area.

    1. Many public hospitals hold the antivenom for various species. If they don’t have it, they can request it from another hospital that does have it. Mostly public hospitals have it.

      Steps to follow if bitten by a snake in ThailandIf bitten by a snake, follow these steps >

  4. I see just now longer snake in partunam

  5. Is there any snake catchers in Nonthaburi, Bangkok?

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