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Thailand Snake Note – Anacondas

I get quite a few searches on this site for Thailand Anacondas, and the truth is – there are no anacondas in Thailand  – well, not any that are naturally occurring here. Someone could have brought one into the country as a pet I supposed. Anacondas are not native to Thailand, but, Pythons – the reticulated python and the Burmese python – are.

Pythons can grow to enormous size. Last night I played with a 4 meter python, and they do get 8 meters or so. Last time I saw a giant python was when it ate a villager’s goat and the city snake guys went to pick it up. It was on display for a few hours before they took it to the park and let it go. That snake was around 5-6 meters, a true-giant.


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Richard (Chiang Mai)
10 years ago


though there are no Anaconda’s (South American), there are Reticulated Pythons, which are longer than Anacondas, but not as heavy foot for foot. Rectics can grow up to 35 feet (and can get aggressive too – not a recommended pet, though some people do keep them as such here!)

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