Ptyas Carinatus – Keeled Rat Snake

Ptyas carinatus - Keeled Rat Snake, a non-venomous snake in Thailand.

These are great snakes. They get big. This one is 2.75m. This is another one that hasn’t calmed down since being caught. They are rat snakes, so that’s what they prefer. Unfortunately we don’t see many rats around this area so I couldn’t catch one to feed it to him if I wanted to. If I find a pet store I’ll buy a couple rats and see if he’s hungry. Unfortunately these snakes die quickly after being caught – so it will probably become dinner for one of the big king cobras – if they’ll eat it.

There are some color variations in these snakes. Here’s a Ptyas carinatus I caught that was much more green.

2 thoughts on “Ptyas Carinatus – Keeled Rat Snake”

  1. Hi there,

    why don´t you let the animal go before it dies? And why is that snake together in one cage with a blood python? You have to keep different type of snakes always seperated from each other…

    • Not sure why my comment years ago never went through. This is not my home setup, or business setup. This is a snake show in Thailand where they do however they please. I have tried over the years to help them come to a better understanding of what snakes need in various areas – but it’s fallen on deaf ears. I catch and release EVERY snake – I keep none at my house, or anywhere else – unless hatching out a clutch of eggs.


      Vern L.

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