Thailand Snake Journal: Northeast Thailand Snakes

Roaming around the northeast of Thailand lately and not finding any snakes at the moment. Quite cool – even COLD at night – and we all know how snakes don’t move much in the cold.

I had a chance to go to the King Cobra Village – and passed it up. I’ll get there – no rush. I think we’ll be tooling around Isaan (northeast) Thailand for a few months… hopefully find a place to live we adore – and soon.

I got a few messages lately about the quality of – and was glad to get them! Thanks for the compliments. I want the site to be a comprehensive information source for those looking for snake information about Thailand based snakes – so, right now I only have 50 Thailand snake fact pages up. There are over 200 snakes in Thailand. It will take a while, but I’ll build the pages as I find the snakes.

Again, I’ve put off all herping field trips for now – it’s too cold to consistently find a lot of snakes and I don’t need any disappointed herpers.

I also need to find a new Thai guide that can help with the trip since we’re not in the same area anymore.

Ok – that’s it for now – gotta watch our little girl while my wife goes to pick up her mom at the bus station. Life in Thailand is slow and easy… and it’s basically vacation time right now.

Cheers and have a good holiday!