Thailand Snake Journal: Night Herping in Sisaket, Thailand – Far Northeast

Well I was skunked. Lets just state that right from the start!

It’s too cold here – about 20 degrees C. And very, very dry. I have heard that the snakes tend to hibernate more in the northeast during the winters – and now I believe it. I’m on a great piece of land – a large couple rai area with a house, papaya trees, bamboo thatches, lots of things for snakes to hide under and climb on… and nothing. I went out about 10pm last night with my hook, tongs, bags, flashlight, and a whole lot of optimism. I saw about 4 geckos on the house – and that’s IT.

Oh well, right?

Maybe time to get back to where the snakes are!

We need some rain in Thailand! Never thought I’d be saying that – but, it’s super dry here. I had forgotten how dry it was. I’m also allergic to all kinds of stuff floating around – the pollen. Eyes swollen and itchy a lot.

Ok then. Maybe I’ll get some shots of the turtle if I see it again – my wife’s aunt stuck it in a concrete enclosure but now has let it go somewhere… must be in the yard here somewhere. That will be about as exciting as herping gets in Sisaket this time of year my friends!