Thailand Snake Journal – Dreaming About Snakes

Last night I dreamed that I was driving down the road in the back of a pickup truck. We started past a guy trying to catch something in a tree. I screamed – STOP! Told the driver to backup. I told the guy trying to catch a snake in the tree – I’ll get it! I’ll get it! Of course I just happened to have my tongs and snake hook in the truck with me.

I proceeded to catch a .75m banded krait – from high up in a tree. Yeah, I know, they’re not real keen on climbing.

While I was catching that one, I saw a giant insect of some sort – and caught that with the tongs too. Turns out it was a new species and I caught the first one ever.

Then just as I put the krait into the snake-bag there was one more snake trying to get away – very well camouflaged against the light colored tree bark. It was almost invisible. I had no idea what that snake was, and didn’t try to catch it as it was too fast and big – and I didn’t know – was it deadly? What was that snake? It was a fantasy snake… lol.

So, looks like Vern better get herping because I’m dreaming about snakes now. I never dream. It’s been a while since I caught a snake now… will see what I can do over the next week.

If you’re interested in herping in Thailand – let me know. There are some great places to catch snakes here – and you’ll have what might amount to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.