Thailand Snake Journal – A Big Water Monitor

I did a quick snake-hunt yesterday in the middle of the afternoon sun. I just found myself in proximity to a place I love to climb, a mountain about 50 minutes away by motorbike, and I decided to walk a bit and see what I could find. I found some spiders, lizards – mountain dragons, and saw some giant movement in some bush. I ran ahead and found a 2 meter long monitor there… this thing is OFTEN there – I don’t know what he’s eating. They eat termites?

I’ve found one snake there before within 10 meters of that spot, maybe it’s a big snake spot – they hide under the leaves or something? I don’t usually rake leaves when I snake hunt, but I might start.

Did you see my water monitor eats snake video at youtube? He listens and hears a snake under the leaves… tracks it and slurps it down his gullet. Great shot!

Here’s the video:

I saw a giant copperheaded racer – 2 meters – crossing the road before I could stop. I also saw a thin black snake about 1.5m that was moving fast across the road… I couldn’t even guess what that one was. It was thin like a striped keelback (in size).

Any guesses from anyone?

I’m working on a big snake project… Not sure it will come to fruition, but I’m giving it my best. Will tell you more in the near future. Cheers!