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Thailand Snake Photos – Striped Keelback

Striped Keelback Snake from Northern Thailand - Amphiesma stolatum.
Not dangerous to humans. Photo by Paul Donatus.

Here’s another submission from Paul Donatus, in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

This is a striped keelback – nice looking snakes that we don’t see here in the south at all. I’ve seen none of them, so I think they are much more common in the northern parts of the country.

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Reptilia
Order: Squamata
Suborder: Serpentes
Family: Colubridae
Subfamily: Natricinae
Genus: Amphiesma
Species: A. stolatum
Binomial name: Amphiesma stolatum
Classified by Linnaeus in 1758.

Thanks Paul!


Snake posts by Vern Lovic. Amateur herpetologist roaming about Thailand on field herping tours and events to find king cobras, kraits, vipers, corals, keelbacks, and other snakes native to Thailand. FYI - Thailand has over 200 snake species. Here's our latest book with detailed information on Thailand's 35 Deadly Snakes. "Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes In Under 5 Minutes!" INFO HERE.

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  • at 7:34 pm

    Hey mate nice find, i know its been a while but if your still herping in the area i would love to join you. I am new to thailand and am struggling to pull up some good finds. I specialize in venomous, absolutely love cobras, kraits, corals and any reps in general. Thanks,



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