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35 Most Venomous Snakes of Thailand

Here is a list of Thailand’s thirty-five most venomous and dangerous venomous snakes. These are snakes that can put you in a hospital with severe symptoms, some of which could be life-threatening. Do be careful around all of these snakes and do not handle, provoke, or get in close proximity to these snakes.

Here’s one of my latest books with the 35 Most Dangerous Thailand Snakes listed for Identification, first-aid, and anti-venin recommendations.

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Thailand’s 35 Most Venomous Snakes


Monocled Cobra
• Siamese Spitting Cobra
• Equatorial Spitting Cobra
King Cobra


Malayan Krait
Banded Krait
Red-headed Krait
Many-banded Krait


Red-headed Keelback
Green Keelback
• Speckle-headed Keelback
• Blue-necked Keelback


Malayan Pit Viper
• Russel’s Siamese Viper
• White-lipped Pit Viper
Wagler’s Pit Viper
• Pope’s Pit Viper
• Big-eyed Pit Viper
• Cardamom Mountains Pit Viper
• Brown-spotted Pit Viper
• Kanburi Pit Viper
Mangrove Pit Viper
• Gumprecht’s Pit Viper
• Hagen’s Pit Viper
• Phuket Pit Viper
• Vogel’s Pit Viper
• Sumatran Pit Viper
• Siamese Peninsula Pit Viper
• Mountain Pit Viper
• Wirot’s Pit Viper


Small-spotted Coral
• Spotted Coral
Blue Long-glanded Coral
• Brown Long-glanded Coral
• MacClelland’s Coral

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Venomous Snakebites and Near Misses from Southeast Asia.
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4 thoughts on “35 Most Venomous Snakes of Thailand

  • at 5:31 pm

    I was bitten in my garden in Thailand last year in isaan I was pulling up weeds ,had rubber gloves on the bite was painful like a hot needle bit the glove put 2 puncture marks on my hand about three quarters of inch apart, went to hospital within 45 minutes, tried telling me it was a scorpion but whilst sitting their started going a bit deaf, then my sight went all blurry, then got pain in my chest, they gave me some tablet sent me on my way , but within an hour I started going red blotchy all over ,so went back to hospital, where they put me on intrevinus drip, stayed in over night, got test results back and told me didn’t know what type it was ,have some anti histomine tablet and some other tablets, and was drinking plenty of fluids, but I never sore the snake but I guess it was some sort of viper going by other ones I’ve seen in garden, about as slim as small finger ,and upto a out 18 inch long I’m English guy who’s living in Thailand this was last August 2019 , I’m 57 years old .

    • at 6:11 pm

      Thanks for the story Carl. Yeah, 2 puncture marks at the same time? Snake. Viper or cobra.Did you have blood clotting problems – bleeding a lot? Did you have a black mark at the bite site? Did you have any trouble breathing? Nausea?

  • at 1:44 pm

    Well that pretty much cemented my decision to NOT move to Thailand. Thank you!

    • at 8:57 pm

      You’ll almost certainly not run into many snakes that can harm you. Even fewer that will. It really isn’t that bad in most places.


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