Krait Index

Krait Index
Deadly Malayan krait in Thailand.
Malayan (Blue) Kraits found in Thailand. Common throughout its range. ©Vern Lovic



  1. Hi Vern,

    I live in the Khao Kho district of Phetchabun province. We are at 850 meters above sea level. I saw a red headed snake that looks just like the red headed krait you have on your site. I only saw the head and part of the body not the tail. Your info on the red headed krait says they are only found in low lands. Is it possible for one to be up here and if not is there another red headed snake that is a highland snake?


    1. Thanks Tony! I likely wrote that post many years ago because I was interested in that snake. I just went off what other snake hobbyists were saying. There must have been a book or two that said those kraits were in low-lying areas. I’ve found a couple at no elevation, and there was one recently found around 1200 meters elevation here in Krabi, so yes, they can be at some elevation. Cheers man

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