Thailand Snake Notes

Thailand Snake Journal – Snake Hunting is Rough Lately

Thailand Snake Journal – Snake Hunting is Rough Lately

Mangrove snake in Thailand mangroves. Boiga (Cat snake). Boiga dendrophila melanota
We spent a few hours pulling these out of trees in the mangroves in southern Thailand. Great FUN! Mangrove Snake – Boiga dendrophila melanota – mildly venomous, rear fanged.

If you’re going to come herping in Thailand and you’re wondering what months not to come, I can tell you.

November – March.

By November the whole country starts cooling off. While the snakes don’t go into total hibernation for the most part, they do get awful sluggish and some don’t move for months.

If you’re paying for someone to take you herping in Thailand you are better off coming during the May – September timeframe. Even October is usually quite a bit better than November. Keep in mind that if the cool weather comes early (80’s F) the snakes will get harder to find – and sometimes impossible!

Usually I don’t go hunting for snakes in November to March – there is just no point in it. This year a number of people have been in contact with me to go herping with them, and we did spend hours in the field looking. Picture walking for hours and hours from 7pm to 10-12 midnight – prime time for snakes – and finding nothing. These spots were the most productive that I know during other months. During these months – we found scorpions, geckos, millipedes, spiders, monitors, and tree marsupials.

I’ll be doing little herping after December 10th – as that’s when the last batch of guys is coming to give it a shot. Hopefully I’ll have something to show you soon!



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