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Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? (EBook, PDF Book)


This book covers the 35 Venomous and Dangerous snakes in Thailand, and much of Southeast Asia. Photos of male and female snakes help to ensure you make proper identification.

Including Information About:

  • Snake venom & Anti-venin
  • Full-color photos
  • Range information – so you know where they can be found
  • Notes on behavior


Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous?

Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes Within 5 Minutes.

I wrote this book with the idea in mind to help people make the proper identification of dangerous snakes in Thailand. This may help you get the proper first-aid treatment, and in other cases, it may save a snake’s life because you don’t kill it if it is harmless.

This is in PDF format and has the 35 deadly terrestrial snakes of Thailand in detail and in high-resolution images. There are ESSENTIAL FIRST AID Instructions included.



Venomous Snakebite Wrapping Procedure - Cambodia. Monocled Cobra - 4th Page  

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