Thailand Snake Forum

Thailand Snake Forum

Thailand Snake Forum
A couple months ago I thought I’d start a forum for Thailand snakes. There are many forums already for snakes of all types, but no good Thailand forum – specifically for our snakes.

Growing the Thailand Snake Forum

There are now 60 members in the Thailand Snake forum, and though most people don’t post – they are reading a lot of the posts. Which is good. I haven’t been posting there outside of my regular articles (like this one) which the forum software copies as a new post.

Right now we’re in the best months for seeing snakes – June, July, August, September I usually count as the best. Many baby snakes have been born and hatched around July and are running all over the jungles trying to find toads, lizards, and frogs to feast on. The small snakes are sometimes harder to spot – other times they are easier to spot because they don’t know how to be as still as the adults when someone is close looking for them.

If you get any photos of snakes, would you post them in the forum? It’s a bit of a pain in the butt to get them posted, but once you figure out the process like a few forum-members already have, you’ll be up and running with it. If you need help posting pics, just let me know (info[{at]}, minus the brackets.

I’m really hoping for some rain today so I can do some more night-herping. I had a blast the other day, but didn’t find snakes. Found all sorts of other things though. Snakes would be nice to find while herping – you know?

Good luck to you on your herping adventures – and let us know what you found. If you have video you can post it at Youtube first and then copy and past the embed code into the snake forum to share the video with everyone else.



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