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Jackie The Snakeman

Jackie The Snakeman
Jackie - a Thailand Snake Handler with an Oriental Whip Snake - Ahaetulla prasina
A really interesting guy… Jackie was attacked at the snake show and he left, fearing for his life. Back to Burma. ©Vern Lovic.

Jackie is a snake handler and will be doing the Cobra shows in Ao Nang in a few months. He’s really friendly and goes out of his way to make visitors feel comfortable around the snakes.

Here’s a video interview with Jackie about getting bitten by a reticulated python: 

Update: Jackie was attacked by a Thai snake handler’s (from the show) friends and he left Thailand. Apparently, Thais were jealous that he spoke better English, was funnier, and knew a lot more about snakes than they did. Such a sad story. He has returned to Burma and is working in the tourist industry.

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  1. hi im only 10 but I am fascinated by snakes and want one for my 11th birthday (in may). Know any good non venomous ones?

    1. Red tailed pipe snakes if you can find some that were born in captivity… they are very calm… awesome colors, and they eat lots of things – ant eggs, termite eggs, and even other snakes if they can find one. Cheers!

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