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Krabi Things to Do Outside of Herping

Living in Krabi for the last 16 years has been great. Krabi is a much more relaxed area than Phuket, Samui, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, or any of the other decent places to live in Thailand. It’s great for herping, looking for snakes and other animals, and taking photos and videos, but there are also so many other activities you can try.

If you WANT to go Krabi Herping – here you go!

Krabi also has had a lot of snakes in the past. We’re going through a dry spell which means predators outnumber by far the number of snakes available to eat, and the snake situation is looking pretty bad lately to be honest. We still find lots of wildlife to photograph though with insects, mammals, owls, and amphibians giving us plenty to look at.

But if you’ve already herped the heck out of Krabi, there are lots of other things to do in Krabi.

Thara Park down by the Krabi River past the night market is a good place to exercise. They have a padded trail that goes much of the way around the park. They have basketball courts, tennis, a football field, places for badminton, and a decent little kids’ playground. It’s a safe place to be before 9 pm. or so. Definitely before 8 pm.

Krabi has some caves you can explore. Khao Phung Cave is probably the best and one of the least known. You can sometimes find cave racer snakes in there, I’ve let a dozen+ go there over the years.

You could take a ride out to Crystal Pool or the Hot Springs by car or motorbike. There are tours that will take you but who wants to sit in a van with a bunch of other tourists breathing the same air?

There are Krabi meditation sessions where you can learn to meditate or improve upon your meditation practice. There’s yoga just about everywhere by Ao Nang Beach, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi, Railay, etc.

There’s climbing rocks on Railay… some of the best in the world. Some difficult rock faces.

There are a couple of hiking trails you can do, Ngorn Nak (Dragon’s Crest) Trail being the best by far. This is a 3.7 km hike up a steep trail to a mountain peak overlooking many mountains and beaches. On a clear day, it’s fantastic. They close at 2 pm. daily – not allowing anyone else to begin the hike so everyone can be down the mountain before dark. It’s quite a challenge and can take hours each way.

Bird watching is always pretty good in Krabi. Go to the Mangrove walkway if you want to go somewhere quick and guaranteed to have birds you probably haven’t seen before.

Pizza and other European food is very good at Bistro Monaco’s down by the police box in town (bottom of Chao Fa road). He also has some of the best German beer I’ve ever had in my life. Ask for some!

We have Huay Toh Waterfall at the National Park and you can stay there in some bungalows that are OK for a day or two. Snakes are sometimes found there day and night. There are many cool bugs too.

Anyway, if the snake herping isn’t going well, there’s more to do. Look up for more ideas.

Here’s their list of Krabi Things to Do >

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