How To Remove Malayan Pit Vipers from Your Home or Yard

The Malayan Pit Viper is one of the most dangerous snakes in Thailand and some other surrounding countries. The venom is strong, capable of destroying all kinds of tissue. If bitten, an immediate trip to the largest public hospital in your area is the best course of action.

Likely you’ll be fine as long as you don’t delay a trip to the hospital. Watch the informative video below.


Short and thick snakes compared to other snake body types. Max length about 1 meter long (39 inches). Thickness at this length around 7 cm. Hatchlings around 20 cm long and 1 cm thick.

Color is typically shades of brown from tan to dark brown, even approaching black. Orange, pink, and grey are other shades often found – sometimes in the same geographic area. The Malayan Pit Viper is easily identified by a very strong triangular head and triangles on either side of the vertebral column.

Malayan Pit Viper Photo Gallery

Danger of Malayan Pit Vipers

Malayan Pit Vipers have the largest (longest and thickest) viper fangs of any Thailand snake. The fangs are very well adapted to inject cytotoxic venom deep into prey and attackers. The tendency of this snake to bite is not that high, but when stepped close to or on, it will usually bite and try to flee.

Bites must be followed up with an immediate hospital visit. Choose the biggest public hospital near the bite victim. Antivenom works well for this snake and all public hospitals in Thailand are required to have it. Few people die from this snake with immediate hospital admission. Do NOT DELAY.

This snake has the bad habit of not moving when someone is walking toward it. The Malayan Pit Viper is active at night and sleeps during daylight hours under greenery or out in the open if cool enough.

Note – anywhere from 40-60% of bites from this snake are ‘dry’ bites – without venom injected. There may be very mild symptoms or none with a bite. Visit the hospital first and wait for symptoms there.

How To Remove Malayan Pit Vipers from Home or Yard (Video)

How To Remove a Malayan Pit Viper from Your Home or Yard? 🇹🇭 | Video 2

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