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Caught an Oriental Whip Snake Today

Caught an Oriental Whip Snake Today
Screeched the car to a stop and jammed it into the park as I saw this 1.6m Ahaetulla prasina crossing the road in front of me. He made it into the bush, but I grabbed onto his tail firmly and he was mine.

He was really beautiful and I bagged him and kept him for a while before realizing I had dropped my video camera/camera into the natural spring while herping yesterday. I let him go to a lush green area not too far away.

He did try to bite numerous times as I put him in the bag, but I was able to dodge his fangs. They have a slow and weak strike.

Wish I could share the photos or videos – but, there aren’t any. Wifey can vouch for me though – she was not happy at all at having to go into the trunk of the car and bring me the tongs and snake bag! Grandma and baby watched from the car.

Here’s my page about the oriental whip snakes with photos, videos, and an in-depth fact page:

Ahaetulla prasina – oriental whip snake – more information.

Then on the way back from Phang Nga this afternoon I saw the most beautiful 2-meter-long Copperheaded Racer crossing the highway. I was doing 120 KPH and there was just no way to stop and grab him. I saw the truck behind me missed him too – so he made it. Must have JUST shed and was a brilliant copper color in the sun. Never saw one that color. Stunningly beautiful.

Thailand snake season is upon us man – and we’re seeing and catching the coolest snakes on the planet. Come and have a look with us!

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  1. Have had Cobras a few times at our garden. I then put out a variety of mothballs and cobras disappears instantly. Will repeat mothballs about once a year. Do not know if this helps also against other snakes, but why not try to get rid of them.

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