308 Venomous and Non-Venomous Snakes of India

All of India’s Snakes

This is a long list of India’s 308 venomous and non-venomous snakes – both terrestrial and seasnakes which can be found in the ocean off India. There are 225 snakes listed, and many sub-species. You can find the 83 sub-species to the right of the main species in parenthesis’.

1.) Acrochordus granulatus — Marine File Snake, Granular Wart Snake

2.) Ahaetulla dispar — Gunther’s Vine Snake, Indian Bronzeback

3.) Ahaetulla fronticincta — Gunther’s Whipsnake, Burmese Vine Snake, River Vine Snake

4.) Ahaetulla nasuta — Common Green Snake, Long-nosed Whip Snake, Long-nosed Tree Snake

5.) Ahaetulla perroteti — Western Ghats Whipsnake, Western Ghats Bronzeback, Bronze-headed Vine Snake

6.) Ahaetulla prasina — Oriental Whip Snake, Green Vine Snake, Short-nosed Vine Snake

7.) Ahaetulla pulverulenta — Brown Whip Snake, Brown-speckled Whip Snake, Brown Vine Snake

8.) Amphiesma beddomei — Nilgiri Keelback, Beddome’s Keelback

9.) Amphiesma khasiense — Khasi Hills Keelback

10.) Amphiesma modesta — Modest Keelback, Gunther’s Keelback

12.) Amphiesma nicobariensis — Nicobar Island Keelback, Nicobar Keelback

13.) Amphiesma parallelum — Yunnan Keelback, Boulenger’s Striped Keelback

14.) Amphiesma pealii — Assam Keelback, Peal’s Keelback

15.) Amphiesma platyceps — Himalayan Keelback, Spotted Keelback, Himalayan Mountain Keelback

16.) Amphiesma sieboldii — Sikkim Keelback, Siebold’s Keelback

17.) Amphiesma stolatum — Buff-Striped Keelback, Striped Keelback, Flower Snake, Yellow Neck Water Snake

18.) Amphiesma venningi — China Hills Keelback, Venning’s Keelback

19.) Amphiesma xenura — Wall’s Keelback, Cherrapunji Keelback

20.) Argyrogena fasciolata — Banded Racer

21.) Astrotia stokesii — Stokes’ Sea Snake, Large-headed Sea Snake

22.) Atretium schistosum — Olivaceous Keelback, Split Keelback

23.) Blythia reticulata — Iridescent Snake

24.) Boiga andamanensis — Andaman Cat Snake

25.) Boiga beddomei — Beddome’s Cat Snake

26.) Boiga ceylonensis — Sri Lankan Cat Snake, Ceylon Cat Snake

27.) Boiga cyanea — Green Cat Snake, Green Cat-eye Snake

28.) Boiga cynodon — Dog-Toothed Cat Snake, Horse-tail Whip Snake

29.) Boiga dightoni — Pirmad Cat Snake, Travancore Cat Snake

30.) Boiga forsteni — Forsten’s Cat Snake

31.) Boiga gokool — Eastern Gamma Cat Snake, Arrow-back Tree Snake, Eastern Cat Snake

32.) Boiga multifasciata — Himalayan Cat Snake, Many-banded Tree Snake, Many-banded Cat Snake

33.) Boiga multomaculata — Large Spotted Cat Snake, Marble Cat Snake, Many-spotted Cat Snake

34.) Boiga nuchalis — Collared Cat Snake

35.) Boiga ochracea — Tawny Cat Snake, Stoliczkae’s Tawny Cat Snake

36.) Boiga quincunciata — Assam Cat Snake

37.) Boiga siamensis — Grey Cat Snake

38.) Boiga trigonata — Gamma Cat Snake, Common Cat Snake, Plum-head, Indian Gamma Snake, Dark-Headed Gamma Snake (B. t. trigonata), Common Indian Cat Snake

39.) Boiga wallachi — Nicobar Cat Snake

40.) Bungarus andamanensis — Andaman Krait, South Andaman Krait

41.) Bungarus bungaroides — Northeastern Hill Krait, Himalayan Krait, Cantor’s Krait

42.) Bungarus caeruleus — Common Krait, Indian Krait, Blue Krait, Common Indian Krait

43.) Bungarus fasciatus — Banded Krait, Golden Banded Snake

44.) Bungarus lividus — Lesser Black Krait

45.) Bungarus niger — Greater Black Krait, Black Krait

46.) Bungarus sindanus walli — Sind Krait, Wall’s Krait (B. s. walli), Sindhi Krait, Razai Krait (B. s. razai), Wall’s Sind Krait (B. s. walli), Razai Sind Krait (B. s. razai), Common Sind Krait (B. s. sindanus)

47.) Calamaria pavimentata — Collared Reed Snake, Miyara’s Collared Reed Snake (C. p. miyarai), Miyara’s Pygmy Snake (C. p. miyarai)

48.) Calliophis beddomei — Beddome’s Coral Snake

49.) Calliophis bibroni — Bibron’s Coral Snake

50.) Calliophis castoe — Castoe’s Coral Snake

51.) Calliophis melanurus — Black-tailed Coral Snake, Sri Lankan Coral Snake (C. m. sinhaleys), Indian Coral Snake (C. m. melanurus), Slender Coral Snake, Ceylon Coral Snake (C. m. sinhaleys), Dwarf Bungarum

52.) Calliophis nigrescens — Common Coral Snake, Indian Coral Snake, Striped Coral Snake, Black Coral Snake

53.) Cantoria violacea — Cantor’s Water Snake, Yellow-banded Mangrove Snake.

54.) Cerberus rhynchops — (subsp. rhynchops) Dog-faced Water Snake

55.) Chrysopelea ornata — Golden Tree Snake, Golden Flying Snake, Ornate Flying Snake, Indian Ornate Flying Snake (C. o. ornata), n Flying Snake (C. o. ornatissima)

56.) Chrysopelea paradisi — Paradise Tree Snake, Paradise Flying Snake, Sulawesi Paradise Tree Snake (C. p. celebensis), Sulawesi Paradise Flying Snake (C. p. celebensis),Variable Paradise Tree Snake (C. p. variabilis), Variable Paradise Flying Snake (C. p. variabilis)

57.) Coluber bholanathi — Sharma’s Racer, Nagarjunasagar Racer

58.) Coluber gracilis — Graceful Racer, Slender Racer

59.) Coluber vittacaudatus — Darjeeling Racer

60.) Coronella brachyura — Indian Smooth Snake

61.) Cyclophiops doriae — Doria’s Green Snake

62.) Daboia russelii — Russell’s Viper, Chain Viper, Tic Polonga

63.) Dendrelaphis caudolineolata — Gray’s Bronzeback

64.) Dendrelaphis cyanochloris — Wall’s Bronze Back, Wall’s Bronzeback, Green Bronzeback Tree Snake

65.) Dendrelaphis gorei — Gore’s Bronze Back, Gore’s Bronzeback, Himalayan Bronzeback Tree Snake

66.) Dendrelaphis grandoculis — Southern Bronze Back, Southern Bronzeback, Large-eyed Bronzeback Tree Snake

67.) Dendrelaphis humayuni — Tiwar’s Bronze Back, Tiwar’s Bronzeback, Nicobar Bronzeback Tree Snake

68.) Dendrelaphis pictus — Painted Bronze Back, Common Bronze Back, Indonesian Bronze Back, Andaman Islands Bronze Back (D. p. andamanensis), Painted Bronzeback, Common Bronzeback, Indonesian Bronzeback, Andaman Islands Bronzeback (D. p. andamanensis), Common Painted Bronzeback Tree Snake, Andaman Painted Bronzeback Tree Snake (D. p. andamanensis)

69.) Dendrelaphis tristis — Common Bronze Back, Common Indian Bronze Back, Daudin’s Bronze Back, Common Bronzeback, Common Indian Bronzeback, Daudin’s Bronzeback, Common Bronzeback Tree Snake

70.) Dinodon gammiei — Gammie’s Wolf Snake, Sikkim False Wolf Snake

71.) Dinodon septentrionalis — White-banded Wolf Snake, Yellow Chain Snake, Gunther’s False Wolf Snake

72.) Dryocalamus gracilis — Scarce Bridal Snake, Slender Bridal Snake

73.) Dryocalamus nympha — Vellore Bridal Snake

74.) Echis carinatus — Indian Saw-scaled Viper, Phoorsa, Little Indian Viper, Saw-Scaled Viper

75.) Echis sochureki — Sochurek’s Saw-scaled Viper, Sochurek’s Carpet Viper, Astola Saw-scaled Viper (E. s. astolae)

76.) Elachistodon westermanni — Indian Egg-eater, Indian Egg-eating Snake

77.) Elaphe flavolineata — Common Malayan Racer, Yellow-striped Rat Snake, Common Racer, Black Copper Rat Snake, Black-tailed Trinket Snake, Yellow-striped Trinket Snake

78.) Elaphe helena — Trinket Snake, Collared Trinket Snake, Common Trinket Snake (E. h. helena), Montane Trinket Snake (E. h. monticollaris)

79.) Elaphe mandarina — Mandarin Snake, Mandarin Ratsnake, Jade Snake, Mandarin Trinket Snake

80.) Elaphe porphyracea — Red Mountain Rat Snake, Black-banded Trinket Snake, Banded Trinket Snake, Red Mountain Racer (E. p. porphyracea), Black-striped Mountain Racer (E. p. nigrofasciata), Red Bamboo Snake (E. p. kawakamii), Western Banded Trinket Snake (E. p. porphyracea)

81.) Elaphe prasina — Green Tree Racer, Green Trinket Snake, Green Bush Rat Snake, Green Ratsnake

82.) Elaphe radiata — Copperhead Racer, Copperhead Rat Snake, Radiated Ratsnake, Copper-headed Trinket Snake

83.) Elaphe taeniura — Beauty Snake, Cave Racer, Cave Dwelling Snake, Striped-tailed Ratsnake, Striped Racer, Striped Trinket Snake, Stripe-tailed Racer (E. t. taeniura), Malayan Stripe-tailed Racer (E. t. ridleyi), Taiwan Beauty Snake (E. t. friesei), Sakishima Beauty Snake (E. t. schmackeri), Yunnan Striped Trinket Snake (E. t. yunnanensis)

84.) Enhydrina schistosa — Beaked Sea Snake, Hook-nosed Sea Snake, Common Sea Snake, Valakadyn Sea Snake

85.) Enhydris dussumieri — Dussumier’s Water Snake, Dussumier’s Smooth-scaled Water Snake

86.) Enhydris enhydris — Rainbow Water Snake, Smooth Water Snake, Common Smooth-scaled Water Snake

87.) Enhydris plumbea — Plumbeus Water Snake, Plumbeous Water Snake, Common Rice Paddy Snake, Rice Paddy Snake, Orange-Bellied Mud Snake, Yellowbelly Water Snake, Plumbeous Smooth-scaled Water Snake

88.) Enhydris sieboldi — Siebold’s Water Snake, Siebold’s Smooth-scaled Water Snake

89.) Eryx johnii — Brown Sand Boa, Indian Sand Boa, John’s Sand Boa, Common Sand Boa, Baluchistan Sand Boa (E. j. persicus), Persian Sand Boa (E. j. persicus), Smooth Sand Boa, Smooth-scaled Sand Boa, Red Sand Boa, John’s Earth Snake, Two-headed Snake, Black Earth Boa, Eastern Red Sand Boa (E. j. johnii)

90.) Eryx whitakeri — Whitaker’s Sandboa

91.) Fordonia leucobalia — White-Bellied Mangrove Snake, Crab Eating Water Snake, Whitebelly Water Snake

92.) Gerarda prevostiana — Cat-eyed Fishing Snake, Gerard’s Water Snake, Cat-eyed Water Snake, Glossy Marsh Snake

93.) Gloydius himalayanus — Himalayan Pit Viper

94.) Gongylophis conicus — Rough-Tailed Sand Boa, Russell’s Sand Boa, Chain Sand-boa,Common Sand Boa, Rough-scaled Sand Boa (G. c. conicus), Sri Lankan Sand Boa (G. c. brevis)

95.) Gongylosoma nicobariensis — Nicobar Stripe-necked Snake

96.) Gonyosoma cantoris — Cantor’s Rat Snake, Cantor’s Trinket Snake, Eastern Trinket Snake

97.) Gonyosoma frenata — Rein Snake, Green Trinket Snake, Khasi Hills Trinket Snake

98.) Gonyosoma hodgsoni — Hodgson’s Rat Snake, Himalayan Trinket Snake

99.) Gonyosoma oxycephalum — Red-tailed Racer, Red-tailed Green Rat Snake, Red-tailed Ratsnake, Grey-tailed Racer, Red-tailed Trinket Snake

100.) Hemorrhois ravergieri — Mountain Racer, Leopard Snake, Spotted Whip Snake, Ravergier’s Whip Snake, Versicolored Wood Snake (C. r. ravergieri), Chernov’s Wood Snake (C. r. cernovi)

101.) Homalopsis buccata — Masked Water Snake, Puff-faced Water Snake

102.) Hydrophis caerulescens — Dwarf Sea Snake, Merrem’s Sea Snake, Dark Blue-banded Sea Snake, Many-toothed Sea Snake, Malacca Sea Snake, Blue-grey Sea Snake, Blue Sea Snake

103.) Hydrophis cantoris — Cantor’s Sea Snake, Cantor’s Narrow-headed Sea Snake, Barred Small-headed Sea Snake

104.) Hydrophis cyanocinctus — Asian Annulated Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Annulated Sea Snake, Blue-banded Sea Snake, Dusky-chinned Giant Sea Snake

105.) Hydrophis fasciatus Banded Small-headed Sea Snake, Striped Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Blunt-banded Sea Snake

106.) Hydrophis gracilis — Graceful Small-headed Sea Snake, Slender Sea Snake, Common Narrow-headed Snake, Small-headed Sea Snake, Common Small-headed Sea Snake, Narrow-headed Snake, Spotted Small-headed Sea Snake

107.) Hydrophis jerdonii — Jerdon’s Sea Snake, Saddle-backed Sea Snake

108.) Hydrophis lapemoides — Persian Gulf Sea Snake, Arabian Gulf Sea Snake, Persian Sea Snake

109.) Hydrophis mamillaris — Broad-banded Sea Snake, Bombay Sea Snake, Bombay Gulf Sea Snake, Bombay Broad-banded Sea Snake

110.) Hydrophis melanosoma — Black-banded Sea Snake, Robust Sea Snake, Lesser Dusky Sea Snake

111.) Hydrophis nigrocinctus — Daudin’s Sea Snake, Black-banded Sea Snake

112.) Hydrophis obscurus — Estuarine Sea Snake

113.) Hydrophis ornatus — Reef Sea Snake, Ornate Sea Snake, Cochin Banded Sea Snake, Ryukyu Ornate Sea Snake, Spotted Sea Snake

114.) Hydrophis spiralis — Yellow Sea Snake, Narrow-banded Sea Snake, Giant Sea Snake, Blotch-backed Giant Sea Snake

115.) Hydrophis stricticollis — Bengal Sea Snake, Collared Sea Snake, Narrow-necked Sea Snake

116.) Hydrophis torquatus — Gunther’s Sea Snake, Lower Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, Upper Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, West Coast Black-headed Sea Snake, Garland Sea Snake

117.) Hydrophis viperina — Olive Sea Snake, Schmidt’s Sea Snake, Viperine Sea Snake, Grey Sea Snake

118.) Hypnale hypnale — Merrem’s Hump-nosed Viper, Hump-nosed Pit Viper, Hump-nosed Moccasin

119.) Lapemis curtus — Shaw’s Sea Snake, Short Sea Snake, Malabar Sea Snake

120.) Lapemis hardwickii — Hardwicke’s Sea Snake, Spine-bellied Sea Snake

121.) Laticauda colubrina — Yellow-lipped Sea Krait, Wide-lipped Sea Krait, Colubrine Sea Krait, Wide-faced Sea Krait, Colubrine Amphibious Sea Snake, Yellow-lipped Sea Snake, Wide-lipped Sea Snake, Colubrine Sea Snake, Wide-faced Sea Snake, Common Banded Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Banded Yellow-lip Sea Snake

122.) Laticauda laticaudata — Black-banded Sea Krait, Large-scaled Sea Krait, Common Sea Krait, Common Amphibious Sea Snake, Banded Amphibious Snake

123.) Lepturophis borneensis — Slender wolf snake

124.) Liopeltis frenatus — Gunther’s Reed Snake, Gunther’s Stripe-necked Snake

125.) Liopeltis rappi — Himalayan Stripe-necked Snake

126.) Liopeltis stoliczkae — Stoliczka’s Stripe-necked Snake

127.) Lycodon aulicus — Common Wolf Snake, House Snake, Indian Wolf Snake

128.) Lycodon capucinus — Common Wolf Snake, House Snake, Oriental Wolf Snake

129.) Lycodon fasciatus — Banded Wolf Snake

130.) Lycodon flavomaculatus — Yellow-spotted Wolf Snake

131.) Lycodon jara — Twin-spotted Wolf Snake

132.) Lycodon laoensis — Laotian Wolf Snake, Indo-Chinese Wolf Snake

133.) Lycodon mackinnoni — Mackinnon’s Wolf Snake

134.) Lycodon striatus — Northern Wolf Snake, Golden-Spotted Wolf Snake (L. s. bicolor), Spotted Wolf Snake (L. s. striatus), Golden Wolf Snake (L. s. bicolor), Barred Wolf Snake, Northern Barred Wolf Snake

135.) Lycodon tiwarii — Andaman Wolf Snake, Tiwari’s Wolf Snake

136.) Lycodon travancoricus — Travancore Wolf Snake

137.) Lycodon zawi — Zaw’s Wolf Snake

138.) Macropisthodon plumbicolor — Green Keelback, Lead Keelback

139.) Macrovipera lebetina — (subsp. turanica) Levantine Viper, East Asian Blunt-nosed Viper, Levant Viper, Lebetine Viper, Gorzeh Snake

140.) Naja kaouthia — Monocellate Cobra, Thailand Cobra, Monacled Cobra, Bengal Cobra, Monocled Cobra

141.) Naja naja — Indian Spectacled Cobra, Asiatic Cobra, Binocellate Cobra, Indian Cobra, Spectacled Cobra

142.) Naja oxiana — Oxus Cobra, Trans-Caspian Cobra, Central Asian Cobra, Acellate Cobra, Black Cobra, Ladle Snake, Brown Cobra

143.) Naja sagittifera — Andaman Cobra

144.) Oligodon affinis — Kukri Snake, Western Kukri Snake

145.) Oligodon albocinctus — Light-barred Kukri Snake, White-barred Kukri Snake

146.) Oligodon arnensis — Russet Kukri Snake, Banded Kukri Snake, Common Kukri Snake

147.) Oligodon brevicauda — Short-head Kukri Snake, Striped Kukri Snake

148.) Oligodon catenatus — Assam Kukri Snake, Northeastern Kukri Snake

149.) Oligodon cinereus — South Chinese Kukri Snake, Ashy Kukri Snake, Gunther’s Kukri Snake, Black-barred Kukri Snake

150.) Oligodon cyclurus — Common Kukri Snake, Cantor’s Kukri Snake, Side-striped Kukri Snake (O. dorsolateralis), Coral Kukri Snake (O. kheriensis)

151.) Oligodon dorsalis — Gray’s Kukri Snake, Spot-tailed Kukri Snake

152.) Oligodon erythrogaster — Nagarkot Kukri Snake, Red-bellied Kukri Snake

153.) Oligodon erythrorhachis — Namsang Kukri Snake, Red-striped Kukri Snake

154.) Oligodon juglandifer — Walnut Kukri Snake, Darjeeling Kukri Snake

155.) Oligodon melaneus — Bluebelly Kukri Snake, Black Kukri Snake

156.) Oligodon melanozonatus — Abor Hills Kukri Snake, Wall’s Kukri Snake

157.) Oligodon nikhili — Nikhil’s Kukri Snake

158.) Oligodon taeniolatus — Streaked Kukri Snake, Russell’s Kukri Snake, Indian Streaked Kukri Snake (O. fasciatus)

159.) Oligodon templetoni — Templeton’s Kukri Snake, Reed-like Kukri Snake (O. calamarius)

160.) Oligodon theobaldi — Theobald’s Kukri Snake, Mandalay Kukri Snake

161.) Oligodon travancoricus — Travencore Kukri Snake

162.) Oligodon venustus — Jerdon’s Kukri Snake, Black-spotted Kukri Snake

163.) Oligodon woodmasoni — Yellow-striped Kukri Snake

164.) Ophiophagus hannahKing Cobra, Hamadryad, Jungle Cobra

165.) Ovophis monticola — Mountain Pit Viper, Blotched Pit Viper, Mountain Iron-head Snake, Chinese Mountain Pit Viper, Western Mountain Pit Viper O. m. monticola), Indo-Malayan Mountain Pit Viper (O. m. convictus), Taiwan Mountain Pit Viper (O. m. makazayazaya), Oriental Mountain Pit Viper (O. m. orientalis), Gaoligong Mountain Pit Viper (O. m. zhaokentangi)

166.) Pareas macularius — Spotted Slug Snake, Darjeeling Snail-eater

167.) Pareas monticola — Common Slug Snake, Assam Snail-eater

168.) Pelamis platurus — Yellow Bellied Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake, Black and Yellow Sea Snake, Yellow and Black Sea Snake, Black-backed Sea Snake

169.) Plagiopholis nuchalis — Assamese Mountain Snake, Assam Mountain Snake

170.) Platyceps rhodorachis — Jan’s Desert Racer, Jan’s Cliff Racer, Braid Snake, Jan’s Whip Snake, Red-striped Wood Snake (P. r. rhodorachis), Cliff Racer, Kashmir Cliff Racer (P. r. kashmirensis)

171.) Platyceps ventromaculatus — Hand Snake, Dog Snake, Gray’s Whip Snake, Glossy Bellied Racer, Hardwicke’s Rat Snake, Plains Racer (P. v. ventomaculatus), Bengal Plains Racer (P. v. bengalensis), Indus Valley Racer (P. v. indusai)

172.) Protobothrops jerdonii — Jerdon’s Pit Viper, Bourret’s Pit Viper (P. j. bourreti), Red Spotted Pit Viper (P. j. xanthomelas)

173.) Protobothrops mucrosquamatus — Chinese Habu, Taiwanese Pit Viper, Formosan Habu, Brown-spotted Pit Viper, Taiwan Habu

174.) Psammodynastes pulverulentus — Mock Viper, Common Mock Viper, Taiwan Leopard Snake, Dusky Mock Viper

175.) Psammophis condanarus — Indo-Burmese Sand Snake, Indian Sand Snake (P. c. condanarus), Indochinese Sand Snake (P. c. indochinensis)

176.) Psammophis leithii — Pakistan Sand Racer, Pakistan Ribbon Snake, Leith’s Sand Snake West Asia

177.) Psammophis longifrons — Long Sand Racer, Stout Sand Snake

178.) Psammophis schokari — Forskal’s Sand Snake, Schokari Sand Snake, Schokari Sand Racer, Teer Snake, Momayez Snake, Afro-Asian Sand Snake

179.) Pseudoxenodon macrops — Big-eyed Mountain Keelback, Big-eyed Bamboo Snake, False Cobra

180.) Ptyas korros — Indochinese Rat Snake, Indo-Chinese Rat Snake, Delicate Design Snake, Flower-in-the-Mountain, Chinese Rat Snake

181.) Ptyas mucosus — Dhaman, Dhaman Rat Snake, Common Rat Snake, Oriental Rat Snake, Grass Beauty, Greater Indian Rat Snake, Rope Snake

182.) Ptyas nigromarginatus — Green Rat Snake

183.) Python molurus — Rock Python, Indian Python (P. m. molurus), Burmese Python (P. m. bivittatus)

184.) Python reticulatus — Reticulated Python, Reticulate Python, Tanahjampea Reticulate Python (P. r. jampeanus), Selayar Reticulate Python (P. r. saputrai)

185.) Rhabdophis himalayanus — Himalayan Keelback, Orange-collared Keelback

186.) Rhabdophis subminiatus helleri — Red-necked Keelback, Heller’s Keelback

187.) Rhabdops bicolor — Brown Trapezoidal Snake, Yellow-bellied Forest Snake

188.) Rhabdops olivaceus — Olive Trapezoidal Snake, Olive Forest Snake

189.) Sibynophis bistrigatus — Gunther’s Many-tooth Snake, Pegu Black-headed Snake

190.) Sibynophis collaris — Common Blackhead Snake, Black Head Snake, Common Many-tooth Snake, Collared Many-toothed Snake, Collared Black-headed Snake

191.) Sibynophis sagittarius — Cantor’s Black-headed Snake

192.) Sibynophis subpunctatus — Dumeril’s Many-tooth Snake, Dumeril’s Black-headed Snake

193.) Sinomicrurus macclellandi — Macclelland’s Coral Snake, Iwasaki’s Coral Snake (S. m. iwasakii), Taiwan Coral Snake (S. m. swinoei), Red-ringed Snake (S. m. swinhoei), Single-banded Coral Snake (S. m. univirgatus)

194.) Sinonatrix percarinata — Chinese Keelback, Ground Snake, White-Stomache Snake, Eastern Water Snake

195.) Spalerosophis arenarius — Red-spotted Diadem Snake, Red Spotted Royal Snake

196.) Spalerosophis diadema — Diadem Snake, Camel Snake, Schirazi Camel Snake (S. d. schiraziana), Clifford’s Camel Snake (S. d. clifordii), Clifford’s Whip Snake (S. d. clifordii),Clifford’s Diadem Snake (S. d. clifordii), Royal Snake (S. d. atriceps), Eastern Diadem Snake (S. d. diadema), Blotched Royal Snake (S. d. diadema), Black-headed Royal Snake (S. d. atriceps)

197.) Stoliczkaia khasiensis — Khase Red Snake, Khasi Earth Snake

198.) Trachischium fuscum — Black-belly Worm-eating Snake, Darjeeling Oriental Slender Snake

199.) Trachischium guentheri — Rosebelly Worm-eating Snake, Gunther’s Oriental Slender Snake

200.) Trachischium laeve — Olive Oriental Slender Snake

201.) Trachischium monticola — Mountain Worm-eating Snake, Montane Worm-eating Snake, Assam Oriental Slender Snake

202.) Trachischium tenuiceps — Yellow-belly Worm-eating Snake, Orange-bellied Oriental Slender Snake

203.) Trimeresurus albolabris — White-lipped Green Pit Viper, White-lipped Pit Viper, White-lipped Tree Viper

204.) Trimeresurus andersoni — Andaman Pit Viper, Anderson’s Pit Viper

205.) Trimeresurus cantori — Cantor’s Pit Viper

206.) Trimeresurus erythrurus — Red-tailed Green Pit Viper, Burnt-tailed Green Pit Viper, Dry-tailed Green Pit Viper, Spot-tailed Pit Viper, Red-tailed Bamboo Pit Viper

207.) Trimeresurus gramineus — Bamboo Pit Viper, Common Indian Pit Viper, Indian Green Tree Viper, Common Bamboo Pit Viper

208.) Trimeresurus labialis — Lipped Pit Viper, Brown Pit Viper, Nicobar Pit Viper, Nicobar Bamboo Pit Viper, Island Pit Viper

209.) Trimeresurus macrolepis — Large-scaled Pit Viper

210.) Trimeresurus malabaricus — Malabar Rock Pit Viper, Anamally Pit Viper, Malabarian Pit Viper, Malabar Pit Viper

211.) Trimeresurus medoensis — Medog Pit Viper, Motuo Bamboo-leaf Green Snake, Motuo Bamboo Pit Viper, Green Bamboo Leaf Pit Viper, Medo Pit Viper North Asia

212.) Trimeresurus popeiorum — Pope’s Pit Viper, Pope’s Green Pit Viper, Pope’s Tree Viper, Red-tailed Pit Viper, Pope’s Bamboo Pit Viper

213.) Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus — Mangrove Pit Viper, Shore Pit Viper, Gray’s Pit Viper, Purple-spotted Pit Viper

214.) Trimeresurus septentrionalis — White-lipped Green Pit Viper, Northern White-lipped Pit Viper, Nepal Pit-viper, Himalayan White-lipped Pit Viper

215.) Trimeresurus stejnegeri — Chinese Bamboo Pit Viper, Chinese Green Tree Viper, Green Bamboo Pit Viper, Stejneger’s Pit Viper (T. s. stejnegeri), Taiwan Bamboo Viper, Bamboo-leaf Green Snake, Red-tail Snake, Stejneger’s Bamboo Pit Viper (T. s. stejnegeri), Chen’s Bamboo Pit Viper (T. s. chenbihuii)

216.) Trimeresurus strigatus — Horse-shoe Pit Viper, Horseshoe Pit Viper

217.) Tropidolaemus huttoni — Hutton’s Pit Viper

218.) Xenochrophis cerasogaster — Painted Keelback, Dark-Bellied Marsh Snake, Dark Belly Marsh Snake

219.) Xenochrophis flavipunctatus — Common Keelback, Yellow-Spotted Keelback, Andaman Keelback (X. f. melanzostus), Schnurrenberger’s Keelback (X. f. schnurrenbergeri)

220.) Xenochrophis piscator — Checkered Keelback, Checkered Keelback, Common Scaled Water Snake, Fishing Snake, Grass-Flower, Kuan-Yin Snake, Asiatic Water Snake

221.) Xenochrophis punctulatus — Spotted Keelback

222.) Xenochrophis sanctijohannis — St. John’s Keelback

223.) Xenochrophis trianguligerus — Triangle Keelback, Red-sided Keelback, Triangle-spotted Keelback

224.) Xylophis perroteti — Perrotet’s Mountain Snake, Striped Narrow-headed Snake

225.) Xylophis stenorhynchus — Gunther’s Mountain Snake, Gunther’s Narrow-headed Snake

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