India’s 87 Venomous and Dangerous Snakes

87 Venomous Snakes in India

This is a list of venomous snakes – most of them considered deadly, which can be found in the country of INDIA. At the very least, these snakes can cause medically significant bites, and should be avoided.

If anyone has a photo of one of the snakes from India listed below, please let me know and I can add it to the page here.

1.) Bungarus andamanensis — Andaman Krait, South Andaman Krait

2.) Bungarus bungaroides — Northeastern Hill Krait, Himalayan Krait, Cantor’s Krait

3.) Bungarus caeruleus — Common Krait, Indian Krait, Blue Krait, Common Indian Krait

4.) Bungarus fasciatus — Banded Krait, Golden Banded Snake

5.) Bungarus lividus — Lesser Black Krait

6.) Bungarus niger — Greater Black Krait, Black Krait

7.) Bungarus sindanus walli — Sind Krait,

8.) Bungarus s. walli — Wall’s Krait

9.) Bungarus s. razai — Razai Sind Krait

10.) Bungarus s. sindanus — Common Sind Krait

11.) Calliophis beddomei — Beddome’s Coral Snake

12.) Calliophis bibroni — Bibron’s Coral Snake

13.) Calliophis castoe — Castoe’s Coral Snake

14.) Calliophis melanurus — Black-tailed Coral Snake

15.) C. m. sinhaleys — Sri Lankan Coral Snake

16.) C. m. melanurus — Indian Coral Snake

17.) C. m. sinhaleys — Ceylon Coral Snake

18.) Calliophis nigrescens — Common Coral Snake, Indian Coral Snake, Striped Coral Snake, Black Coral Snake

19.) Daboia russelii — Russell’s Viper, Chain Viper, Tic Polonga

20.) Echis carinatus — Indian Saw-scaled Viper, Phoorsa, Little Indian Viper, Saw-Scaled Viper

21.) Echis sochureki — Sochurek’s Saw-scaled Viper, Sochurek’s Carpet Viper, Astola Saw-scaled Viper (E. s. astolae)

22.) Gloydius himalayanus — Himalayan Pit Viper

23.) Enhydrina schistosa — Beaked Sea Snake, Hook-nosed Sea Snake, Common Sea Snake, Valakadyn Sea Snake

24.) Hydrophis caerulescens — Dwarf Sea Snake, Merrem’s Sea Snake, Dark Blue-banded Sea Snake, Many-toothed Sea Snake, Malacca Sea Snake, Blue-grey Sea Snake, Blue Sea Snake

25.) Hydrophis cantoris — Cantor’s Sea Snake, Cantor’s Narrow-headed Sea Snake, Barred Small-headed Sea Snake

26.) Hydrophis cyanocinctus — Asian Annulated Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Annulated Sea Snake, Blue-banded Sea Snake, Dusky-chinned Giant Sea Snake

27.) Hydrophis fasciatus — Banded Small-headed Sea Snake, Striped Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Blunt-banded Sea Snake

28.) Hydrophis gracilis — Graceful Small-headed Sea Snake, Slender Sea Snake, Common Narrow-headed Snake, Small-headed Sea Snake, Common Small-headed Sea Snake, Narrow-headed Snake, Spotted Small-headed Sea Snake

29.) Hydrophis jerdonii — Jerdon’s Sea Snake, Saddle-backed Sea Snake

30.) Hydrophis lapemoides — Persian Gulf Sea Snake, Arabian Gulf Sea Snake, Persian Sea Snake

31.) Hydrophis mamillaris — Broad-banded Sea Snake, Bombay Sea Snake, Bombay Gulf Sea Snake, Bombay Broad-banded Sea Snake

32.) Hydrophis melanosoma — Black-banded Sea Snake, Robust Sea Snake, Lesser Dusky Sea Snake

33.) Hydrophis nigrocinctus — Daudin’s Sea Snake, Black-banded Sea Snake

34.) Hydrophis obscurus — Estuarine Sea Snake

35.) Hydrophis ornatus — Reef Sea Snake, Ornate Sea Snake, Cochin Banded Sea Snake, Ryukyu Ornate Sea Snake, Spotted Sea Snake

36.) Hydrophis spiralis — Yellow Sea Snake, Narrow-banded Sea Snake, Giant Sea Snake, Blotch-backed Giant Sea Snake

37.) Hydrophis stricticollis — Bengal Sea Snake, Collared Sea Snake, Narrow-necked Sea Snake

38.) Hydrophis torquatus — Gunther’s Sea Snake, Lower Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, Upper Gulf Black-headed Sea Snake, West Coast Black-headed Sea Snake, Garland Sea Snake

39.) Hydrophis viperina — Olive Sea Snake, Schmidt’s Sea Snake, Viperine Sea Snake, Grey Sea Snake

40.) Hypnale hypnale — Merrem’s Hump-nosed Viper, Hump-nosed Pit Viper, Hump-nosed Moccasin

41.) Lapemis curtus — Shaw’s Sea Snake, Short Sea Snake, Malabar Sea Snake

42.) Lapemis hardwickii — Hardwicke’s Sea Snake, Spine-bellied Sea Snake

43.) Laticauda colubrina — Yellow-lipped Sea Krait, Wide-lipped Sea Krait, Colubrine Sea Krait, Wide-faced Sea Krait, Colubrine Amphibious Sea Snake, Yellow-lipped Sea Snake, Wide-lipped Sea Snake, Colubrine Sea Snake, Wide-faced Sea Snake, Common Banded Sea Snake, Banded Sea Snake, Banded Yellow-lip Sea Snake

44.) Laticauda laticaudata — Black-banded Sea Krait, Large-scaled Sea Krait, Common Sea Krait, Common Amphibious Sea Snake, Banded Amphibious Snake

45.) Macrovipera lebetina turanica — Levantine Viper, East Asian Blunt-nosed Viper, Levant Viper, Lebetine Viper, Gorzeh Snake

46.) Naja kaouthia — Monocellate Cobra, Thailand Cobra, Monacled Cobra, Bengal Cobra, Monocled Cobra

47.) Naja naja — Indian Spectacled Cobra, Asiatic Cobra, Binocellate Cobra, Indian Cobra, Spectacled Cobra

48.) Naja oxiana — Oxus Cobra, Trans-Caspian Cobra, Central Asian Cobra, Acellate Cobra, Black Cobra, Ladle Snake, Brown Cobra

49.) Naja sagittifera — Andaman Cobra

50.) Ophiophagus hannah — King Cobra, Hamadryad, Jungle Cobra

51.) Ovophis monticola — Mountain Pit Viper, Blotched Pit Viper, Mountain Iron-head Snake, Chinese Mountain Pit Viper

52.) Ovophis. m. monticola — Western Mountain Pit Viper

53.) Ovophis. m. convictus — Indo-Malayan Mountain Pit Viper

54.) Ovophis. m. makazayazaya — Taiwan Mountain Pit Viper

55.) Ovophis. m. orientalis — Oriental Mountain Pit Viper

56.) Ovophis. m. zhaokentangi — Gaoligong Mountain Pit Viper

57.) Pelamis platurus — Yellow Bellied Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake, Black and Yellow Sea Snake, Yellow and Black Sea Snake, Black-backed Sea Snake

58.) Protobothrops jerdonii — Jerdon’s Pit Viper

59.) Protobothrops j. bourreti — Bourret’s Pit Viper

60.) Protobothrops j. xanthomelas — Red Spotted Pit Viper

61.) Protobothrops mucrosquamatus — Chinese Habu, Taiwanese Pit Viper, Formosan Habu, Brown-spotted Pit Viper, Taiwan Habu

62.) Sinomicrurus macclellandi — Macclelland’s Coral Snake,

63.) Sinomicrurus m. iwasakii — Iwasaki’s Coral Snake

64.) Sinomicrurus m. swinoei — Taiwan Coral Snake

65.) Sinomicrurus m. swinhoei — Red-ringed Snake

66.) Sinomicrurus m. univirgatus — Single-banded Coral Snake

67.) Trimeresurus albolabris — White-lipped Green Pit Viper, White-lipped Pit Viper, White-lipped Tree Viper

68.) Trimeresurus andersoni — Andaman Pit Viper, Anderson’s Pit Viper

69.) Trimeresurus cantori — Cantor’s Pit Viper

70.) Trimeresurus erythrurus — Red-tailed Green Pit Viper, Burnt-tailed Green Pit Viper, Dry-tailed Green Pit Viper, Spot-tailed Pit Viper, Red-tailed Bamboo Pit Viper

71.) Trimeresurus gramineus — Bamboo Pit Viper, Common Indian Pit Viper, Indian Green Tree Viper, Common Bamboo Pit Viper

72.) Trimeresurus labialis — Lipped Pit Viper, Brown Pit Viper, Nicobar Pit Viper, Nicobar Bamboo Pit Viper, Island Pit Viper

73.) Trimeresurus macrolepis — Large-scaled Pit Viper

74.) Trimeresurus malabaricus — Malabar Rock Pit Viper, Anamally Pit Viper, Malabarian Pit Viper, Malabar Pit Viper

75.) Trimeresurus medoensis — Medog Pit Viper, Motuo Bamboo-leaf Green Snake, Motuo Bamboo Pit Viper, Green Bamboo Leaf Pit Viper, Medo Pit Viper North Asia

76.) Trimeresurus popeiorum — Pope’s Pit Viper, Pope’s Green Pit Viper, Pope’s Tree Viper, Red-tailed Pit Viper, Pope’s Bamboo Pit Viper

77.) Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus — Mangrove Pit Viper, Shore Pit Viper, Gray’s Pit Viper, Purple-spotted Pit Viper

78.) Trimeresurus septentrionalis — White-lipped Green Pit Viper, Northern White-lipped Pit Viper, Nepal Pit-viper, Himalayan White-lipped Pit Viper

79.) Trimeresurus stejnegeri — Chinese Bamboo Pit Viper, Chinese Green Tree Viper, Green Bamboo Pit Viper,

80.) Trimeresurus s. stejnegeri — Stejneger’s Pit Viper  Taiwan Bamboo Viper, Bamboo-leaf Green Snake, Red-tail Snake

81.) Trimeresurus s. stejnegeri Stejneger’s — Bamboo Pit Viper

82.) Trimeresurus s. chenbihuii — Chen’s Bamboo Pit Viper

83.) Trimeresurus strigatus — Horse-shoe Pit Viper, Horseshoe Pit Viper

84.) Tropidolaemus huttoni — Hutton’s Pit Viper

The following are venomous, but it is not known if in India, the venom is considered dangerous for humans.

85.) Macropisthodon plumbicolor — Green Keelback, Lead Keelback

86.) Rhabdophis himalayanus — Himalayan Keelback, Orange-collared Keelback

87.) Rhabdophis subminiatus helleri — Red-necked Keelback, Heller’s Keelback

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