Snakes in the United States

All Snakes in the United States

Here is a comprehensive (as of this date) list of snakes found in the United States. This includes venomous and non-venomous snakes. List is sorted alphabetically by genus. Includes subspecies.

See the list of VENOMOUS SNAKES in the USA here >

  1. Agkistrodon contortrix (subspecies contortrix) – Southern Copperhead
  2. Agkistrodon contortrix (subspecies laticinctus) – Broad-banded Copperhead
  3. Agkistrodon contortrix (subspecies mokasen) – Northern Copperhead
  4. Agkistrodon contortrix (subspecies phaeogaster) – Osaga Copperhead, Osage Copperhead
  5. Agkistrodon contortrix (subspecies pictigaster) – Trans-Pecos Copperhead, Pallas’ Viper, Halys Pit Viper, Asiatic Moccasin
  6. Agkistrodon piscivorus (subspecies conanti) – Florida Cottonmouth
  7. Agkistrodon piscivorus (subspecies leucostoma) – Western Cottonmouth
  8. Agkistrodon piscivorus (subspecies piscivorus) – Eastern Cottonmouth
  9. Arizona elegans Glossy Snake, Eastern Glossy – Snake (A. elegans, Kansas Glossy Snake (A. e. elegans, Chihuahuan Glossy Snake (A. e. expolita, Peninsula Glossy Snake (A. e. pacata, Painted Glossy Snake (A. e. philipi, Painted Desert Glossy Snake (A. e. philipi)
  10. Arizona occidentalis – Western Glossy Snake (A. occidentalis, California Glossy Snake (A. o. occidentalis, Mojave Glossy Snake (A. o. candida, Desert Glossy Snake (A. o. eburnata, Arizona Glossy Snake (A. o. noctovaga)
  11. Bogertophis rosaliae – Baja California Rat Snake, Santa Rosaliae
  12. Bogertophis subocularis – Trans-Pecos Rat Snake (B. subocularis and B. s. subocularis, Durangan Rat Snake (B. s. amplinotus)
  13. Carphophis amoenus – Worm Snake (C. amoenus, Eastern Worm Snake (C. a. amoenus, Midwest Worm Snake (C. a. helenae)
  14. Carphophis vermis – Western Worm Snake
  15. Cemophora coccinea (subspecies coccineacopei) – Scarlet Snake (C. coccinea, Florida Scarlet Snake (C. c. coccinea, Northern Scarlet Snake (C. c. copei, Texas Scarlet Snake (C. c. lineri)
  16. Charina bottae Rubber Boa, Northern Rubber Boa (C. b. bottae, Southern Rubber Boa (C. b. umbratica)
  17. Charina trivirgata (subspecies trivirgataarizonae) – Rosy Boa, Mexican Rosy Boa (C. t. trivirgata, Desert Rosy Boa (C. t. gracia, Coastal Rosy Boa (C. t. roseofusca, Mid-Baja Boa (L. t. saslowi)
  18. Chilomeniscus stramineus – Variable Sand Snake, Spotted Sand Snake (C. stramineus, Banded Sand Snake (C. s. stramineus, Baja California Sand Snake (C. s. esterensis, Island Burrowing Sand Snake (former C. punctatissimus, Banded Sand Snake (forrmer C. cinctus)
  19. Chionactis occipitalis – Western Shovelnose Snake (C. occipitalis, Mojave Shovelnose Snake (C. o. occipitalis,
    Colorado Desert Shovelnose Snake (C. o. annulata, Tuscon Shovelnose Snake (C. o. klauberi, Nevada Shovelnose Snake (C. o. talpina).
  20. Chionactis palarostris – Sonoran Shovelnose Snake (C. palarostris and C. p. palarostris, Organ Pipe Shovelnose Snake (C. p. organica).
  21. Chionactis saxatilis – Mountain Shovelnose Snake
  22. Clonophis kirtlandii – Kirtland’s Snake
  23. Coluber constrictor – Racer, Eastern Racer (C. constrictor, Buttermilk Racer (C. c. anthicus, Northern Black Racer (C. c. constrictor, Tan Racer (C. c. etheridgei, Yellowbelly Racer, (C. c. flaviventris,Yellow-bellied Racer (C. c. flaviventris, Brownchin Racer (C. c. helviguaris, Brown-chinned Racer (C. c. helviguaris, Blue Racer (C. c. foxii, Blackmask Racer (C. c. latrunculus, Black-masked Racer (C. c. latrunculus, Mexican Racer (C. c. oaxaca, Everglades Racer (C. c. paludicola, Southern Racer (C. c. priapus, Southern Black Racer (C. c. priapus)
  24. Coluber mormon – Western Racer, Western Yellowbelly Racer, Western Yellow-bellied Racer
  25. Coniophanes imperialis – Black-striped Snake (C. imperialis and C. i. imperialis, Redbelly Black-striped Snake (C. i. clavatus, Cope’s Black-striped Snake (C. i. copei)
  26. Contia tenuis – Sharptail Snake
  27. Crotalus adamanteus – Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
  28. Crotalus atrox – Western Diamond Rattlesnake
  29. Crotalus cerastes (subspecies cerastes) – Mohave Desert Sidewinder
  30. Crotalus cerastes (subspecies cercobombus) – Sonoran Desert Sidewinder, Sonoran Sidewinder
  31. Crotalus cerastes (subspecies laterorepens) – Colorado Desert Sidewinder
  32. Crotalus cerberus – Arizona Black Rattlesnake
  33. Crotalus horridus (subspecies atricaudatus) – Canebrake Rattlesnake
  34. Crotalus horridus (subspecies horridus) – Timber Rattlesnake, Banded Rattlesnake
  35. Crotalus lepidus (subspecies klauberi) – Banded Rock Rattlesnake
  36. Crotalus lepidus (subspecies lepidus) – Mottled Rock Rattlesnake
  37. Crotalus mitchellii (subspecies pyrrhus) – Southwestern Speckled Rattlesnake
  38. Crotalus molossus (subspecies molossus) – Black-tailed Rattlesnake, Blacktail Rattlesnake
  39. Crotalus oreganus (subspecies abyssus) – Grand Canyon Rattlesnake
  40. Crotalus oreganus (subspecies concolor) – Midget Faded Rattlesnake
  41. Crotalus oreganus (subspecies helleri) – Southern Pacific Rattlesnake
  42. Crotalus oreganus (subspecies lutosus) – Great Basin Rattlesnake
  43. Crotalus oreganus (subspecies oreganus) – Northern Pacific Rattlesnake
  44. Crotalus ornatus – Chihuahuan Black Tailed Rattlesnake
  45. Crotalus pricei (subspecies pricei) Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake, Price’s Twin-Spotted Rattlesnake
  46. Crotalus ruber (subspecies ruber) Red Diamond Rattlesnake
  47. Crotalus scutulatus (subspecies scutulatus) Northern Mojave Rattlesnake
  48. Crotalus stephensi – Panamint Rattlesnake
  49. Crotalus tigris – Tiger Rattlesnake
  50. Crotalus viridis (subspecies nuntius) – Hopi Rattlesnake, Arizona Prairie Rattlesnake
  51. Crotalus viridis (subspecies viridis) – Prairie Rattlesnake
  52. Crotalus willardi (subspecies obscurus) – New Mexican Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake, New Mexican Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  53. Crotalus willardi (subspecies silus) – Chihuahuan Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake, Chihuahuan Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  54. Crotalus willardi (subspecies willardi) – Arizona Ridge-nosed Rattlesnake, Arizona Ridgenose Rattlesnake
  55. Diadophis punctatus – Ringneck Snake (D. punctatus, Southern Ringneck Snake (D. p. punctatus), Key Ringneck Snake (D. p. acricus), Pacific Ringneck Snake (D. p. amabilis, Anthony’s Ringneck Snake (D. p. anthonyi, Prairie Ringneck Snake (D. p. arnyi), Duges’s Ringneck Snake (D. p. dugesii, Northern Ringneck Snake (D. p. edwardsii), San Bernardino Ringneck Snake (D. p. modestus), Northwestern Ringneck Snake (D. p. occidentalis), Coral Belly Ringneck Snake (D. p. pulchellus), Regal Ringneck Snake (D. p. regalis), San Diego Ringneck Snake (D. p. similis), Mississippi Ringneck Snake (D. p. stictogenys), Monterey Ringneck Snake (D. p. vandenburgii).
  56. Drymarchon corais – Indigo Snake (D. corais, Western Indigo Snake, Yellow-tail Cribo (D. c. corais, Texas Indigo Snake (D. c. erebennus, Margarita Indigo Snake (D. c. margaritae, Blacktail Cribo (D. c. melanurus, Black-tailed Indigo Snake (D. c. melanurus, Orizaba Cribo (D. c. orizabensis, Redtail Cribo (D. c. rubidus, Central American Cribo (D. c. unicolor)
  57. Drymarchon couperi – Eastern Indigo Snake
  58. Drymobius margaritiferis Speckled Racer (D. margaritiferis, Northern Speckled Racer (D. m. margaritiferis, Central American Speckled Racer (D. m. fistulosus, Corn Islands Speckled Racer (D. m. maydis, Western Speckled Racer (D. m. occidentalis)
  59. Elaphe bairdi – Baird’s Rat Snake.
  60. Elaphe emoryi – Great Plains Rat Snake, Northern Plains Rat Snake (E. e. emoryi, Southern Plains Rat Snake (E. e. meahllmorum)
  61. Elaphe gloydi – Eastern Fox Snake
  62. Elaphe guttata – Corn Snake
  63. Elaphe obsoleta – Eastern Ratsnake, Common Rat Snake, Black Rat Snake (E. o. obsoleta), Texas Rat Snake (E. o. lindheimerii), Yellow Rat Snake (E. o. quadrivittata), Everglades Rat Snake (E. o. rossalleni, Grey Rat Snake (E. o. spiloides)
  64. Elaphe slowinskii – Slowinski’s Cornsnake
  65. Elaphe vulpina – Western Fox Snake, Fox Snake
  66. Farancia abacura – Mud Snake (F. abacura, Eastern Mud Snake (F. a. abacura, Western Mud Snake (F. a. reinwardtii)
  67. Farancia erytrogramma – Rainbow Snake (F. e. erytrogramma, South Florida Rainbow Snake (F. e. seminola)
  68. Ficimia streckeri – Mexican Hooknose Snake, Tamaulipan Hooknose Snake
  69. Gyalopion canum – Western Hooknose Snake, Chihuahuan Hooknose Snake
  70. Gyalopion quadrangulare – Desert Hooknose Snake, Thornscrub Hooknose Snake
  71. Heterodon nasicus – Western Hognose Snake (H. nasicus, Plains Hognose Snake (H. n. nasicus, Dusty Hognose Snake (H. n. gloydi, Mexican Hognose Snake (H. n. kennerlyi)
  72. Heterodon platirhinos – Eastern Hognose Snake
  73. Heterodon simus – Southern Hognose Snake
  74. Hypsiglena torquata – Night Snake (H. torquata and H. t. torquata, Boulenger’s Night Snake (H. t. affinis, Bauer’s Night Snake (H. t. baueri, Santa Catalina Night Snake (H. t. catalinae, Dusky-green Night Snake (H. t. chlorophaea, Desert Night Snake (H. t. deserticola, Partida Norte Night Snake (H. t. gularis, Texas Night Snake (H. t. jani, San Diego Night Snake (H. t. klauberi, Mesa Verde Night Snake (H. t. loreala, San Martin Night Snake (H. t. martinensis, California Night Snake (H. t. nuchalata, Spotted Night Snake (H. t. ochrorhyncha, Tiburon Island Night Snake (H. t. tiburonensis, Tortuga Island Night Snake (H. t. tortugensis, Clarion Island Night Snake (H. t. unaocularis, Islands Night Snake (H. t. venusta)
  75. Lampropeltis alterna – Grey-banded Kingsnake (L. alterna and L. a. alterna, Blair’s Grey-banded Kingsnake (L. a. blairi)
  76. Lampropeltis calligaster – Prairie Kingsnake (L. c. calligaster, South Florida Mole Kingsnake (L. c. occipitolineata, Mole Kingsnake (L. c. rhombomaculata)
  77. Lampropeltis getula – Common Kingsnake (L. getula, Eastern Kingsnake (L. g. getula, California Kingsnake (L. g. californiae, Florida Kingsnake (L. g. floridana, Speckled Kingsnake (L. g. holbrooki, Black Kingsnake (L. g. nigra, Black Desert Kingsnake (L. g. nigrita, Desert Kingsnake (L. g. splendida, Outer Banks Kingsnake (L. g. stricticeps)
  78. Lampropeltis mexicana – Mexican Kingsnake, San Luis Potosi Kinksnake, Greer’s Kingsnake (L. m. greeri)
  79. Lampropeltis pyromelana – Sonoran Mountain Kingsnake (L. pyromelana, Arizona Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. pyromelana, Utah Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. infralabialis, Chihuahuan Mountain Kinksnake (L. p. knoblochi, Huachuca Mountain Kingsnake (L. p. woodini)
  80. Lampropeltis triangulum – Milk Snake (L. triangulum, Eastern Milk Snake (L. t. triangulum, Guatemalan Milk Snake (L. t. abnorma, Louisiana Milk Snake (L. t. amaura, Mexican Milk Snake (L. t. annulata, Jalisco Milk Snake (L. t. arcifera, Blanchard’s Milk Snake (L. t. blanchardi, Pueblan Milk Snake (L. t. campbelli, New Mexico Milk Snake (L. t. celaenops, Conant’s Milk Snake (L. t. conanti, Dixon’s Milk Snake (L. t. dixoni, Scarlet Kingsnake (L. t. elapsoides, Central Plains Milk Snake (L. t. gentilis, Small Scaled Milk Snake (L. t. micropholis, Pale Milk Snake (L. t. multistriata, Nelson’s Milk Snake (L. t. nelsoni, Central American Milk Snake (L. t. oligozona, Veracruz Milk Snake (L. t. polyzona, Sinaloan Milk Snake (L. t. sinaloae, Red Milk Snake (L. t. syspila, Smith’s Milk Snake (L. t. smithi, Utah Milk Snake (L. t. taylori)
  81. Lampropeltis zonata – California Mountain Kingsnake (L. zonata, St. Helena Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. zonata, San Pedro Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. algalma, Todos Santos Island Kingsnake (L. z. herrerae, Sierra Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. multicincta, Coast Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. multifasciata, San Bernardino Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. parvirubra, San Diego Mountain Kingsnake (L. z. pulchra)
  82. Leptodeira septentrionalis – Northern Cat-eyed Snake (L. septentrionalis and L. s. septentrionalis, Central American Cat-eyed Snake (L. s. polysticta)
  83. Liochlorophis vernalis – Smooth Green Snake (L. vernalis)
  84. Masticophis bilineatus – Sonoran Whipsnake (M. bilineatus and M. b. bilineatus, Slevin’s Whipsnake (M. b. slevini)
  85. Masticophis flagellum – Coachwhip (M. flagellum, Eastern Coachwhip (M. f. flagellum, Sonoran Coachwhip (M. f. cingulum), Baja California Coachwhip (M. f. fuliginosus, Lined Coachwhip (M. f. lineatulus, Red Coachwhip (M. f. piceus, San Joaquin Coachwhip (M. f. ruddocki, Western Coachwhip (M. f. testaceus)
  86. Masticophis lateralis – Striped Racer (M. lateralis, Alameda Striped Racer (M. l. lateralis, California Striped Racer (M. l. euryxanthus)
  87. Masticophis lineolatus – Sonoran Whipsnake, Ajo Mountain Whipsnake
  88. Masticophis schotti – Schott’s Whipsnake (M. s. schotti, Ruthven’s Whipsnake (M. s. ruthveni)
  89. Masticophis taeniatus – Striped Whipsnake (M. taeniatus, Desert Striped Whipsnake (M. t. taeniatus, Southern Striped Whipsnake (M. t. australis, Central Texas Striped Whipsnake (M. t. girardi)
  90. Micruroides euryxanthus (subspecies euryxanthus) – Western Coral Snake, Arizona Coral Snake
  91. Micrurus fulviusn – Coral Snake, Harlequin Coral Snake, Eastern Coral Snake
  92. Micrurus tenern – Coral Snake, Harlequin Coral Snake, M. t. tener : Texas Coral Snake, M. t. fitzingeri : Fitzinger’s Coral Snake, Guanajuato Coral Snake, M. t. maculatus : Tampico Coral Snake, M. t. microgalbineus : Potosi Coral Snake, Spotted Coral Snake,
  93. Nerodia clarkii – Salt Marsh Snake (N. clarkii, Gulf Salt Marsh Snake (N. c. clarkii, Mangrove Salt Marsh Snake (N. c. compressicauda, Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake (N. c. taeniata).
  94. Nerodia cyclopion – Mississippi Green Water Snake
  95. Nerodia erythrogaster – Plainbelly Water Snake (N. erythrogaster, Redbelly Water Snake (N. e. erythrogaster, Aguanaval Water Snake (N. e. alta, Nazas Water Snake (N. e. bogerti, Yellowbelly Water Snake (N. e. flavigaster, Copperbelly Water Snake (N. e. neglecta, Blotched Water Snake (N. e. transversa)
  96. Nerodia fasciata – Southern Water Snake (N. fasciata, Banded Water Snake (N. f. fasciata, Broad-Banded Water Snake (N. f. confluens, Florida Water Snake (N. f. pictiventris)
  97. Nerodia floridana – Florida Green Water Snake
  98. Nerodia harteri – Brazos Water Snake
  99. Nerodia paucimaculata – Concho Water Snake
  100. Nerodia rhombifera – Diamondback Water Snake (N. rhombifera and N. r. rhombifer, Tampico Diamondback Water Snake (N. r. blanchardi, Tabasco Diamondback Water Snake (N. r. werleri)
  101. Nerodia sipedon – Northern Water Snake (N. sipedon and N. s. sipedon, Lake Erie Water Snake (N. s. insularum, Midland Water Snake (N. s. pleuralis, Carolina Water Snake (N. s. williamengelsi).
  102. Nerodia taxispilota – Brown Water Snake
  103. Opheodrys aestivus – Rough Green Snake
  104. Oxybelis aeneus – Mexican Vine Snake, Brown Vine Snake, Horsewhip, Sharp-nosed Tree Snake, Pike-headed Snake
  105. Pelamis platurus – Yellow Bellied Sea Snake, Pelagic Sea Snake, Black and Yellow Sea Snake, Yellow and Black Sea Snake, Black-backed Sea Snake Seasnakes
  106. Phyllorhynchus browni – Saddled Leafnose Snake (P. browni, Pima Leafnose Snake (P. b. browni, Sonoran Leafnose Snake (P. b. fortitus, Klauber’s Leafnose Snake (P. b. klauberi, Maricopa Leafnose Snake (P. b. lucidus)
  107. Phyllorhynchus decurtatus – Spotted Leafnose Snake (P. decurtus, Baja California Leafnose Snake (P. d. decurtus, Monserrat Island Leafnose Snake (P. d. arenicolus, Norris’s Leafnose Snake (P. d. norrisi, Clouded Leafnose Snake (P. d. nubilis, Western Leafnose Snake (P. d. perkinsi)
  108. Pituophis catenifer – Gopher Snake (P. catenifer, Pacific Gopher Snake (P. c. catenifer, Sonoran Gopher Snake (P. c. affinis, San Diego Gopher Snake (P. c. annectens, Central Baja California Gopher Snake (P. c. bimaris, Coronado Island Gopher Snake (P. c. coronalis, Great Basin Gopher Snake (P. c. deserticola, San Martin Gopher Snake (P. c. fuliginatus, Cedros Island Gopher Snake (P. c. insulanus, Santa Cruz Gopher Snake (P. c. pumilis, Cape Gopher Snake (P. c. vertebralis, San Lucan Gopher Snake (P. c. vertebralis)
  109. Pituophis melanoleucus – Eastern Pine Snake (P. melanoleucus) Northern Pine Snake (P. m. melanoleucus, Black Pine Snake (P. m. lodingi, Florida Pine Snake (P. m. mugitus, Bullsnake (P. m. sayi)
  110. Pituophis ruthveni – Louisiana Pine Snake
  111. Regina alleni – Striped Crayfish Snake
  112. Regina grahami – Graham’s Crayfish Snake
  113. Regina rigida – Glossy Crayfish Snake (R. r. rigida, Delta Crayfish Snake (R. r. deltae, Gulf Crayfish Snake (R. r. sinicola)
  114. Regina septemvittata – Queen Snake
  115. Rhadinaea flavilata – Pine Woods Snake
  116. Rhinocheilus lecontei – Longnose Snake (R. lecontei, Western Longnose Snake (R. l. lecontei, Mexican Longnose Snake (R. l. antonii, Cerralvo Island Longnose Snake (R. l. etheridgei, Texas Longnose Snake (R. l. tessellatus)
  117. Salvadora deserticola – Big Bend Patchnose Snake
  118. Salvadora grahamiae – Mountain Patchnose Snake (S. g. grahamiae, Texas Patchnose Snake (S. g. lineata)
  119. Salvadora hexalepis – Western Patchnose Snake (S. hexalepis, Desert Patchnose Snake (S. h. hexalepis, Baja California Patchnose Snake (S. h. klauberi, Mojave Patchnose Snake (S. h. mojavensis, Coast Patchnose Snake (S. h. virgultea)
  120. Seminatrix pygaea – Black Swamp Snake (S. pygaea, North Florida Swamp Snake (S. p. pygaea, South Florida Swamp Snake (S. p. cyclas), Carolina Swamp Snake (S. p. paludis)
    121 Senticolis triaspis Green Rat Snake (S. triaspis and S. t . intermedia) and Peninsular Rat Snake (S. t. triaspis)
  121. Sistrurus catenatus (subspecies catenatus) – Eastern Massasauga
  122. Sistrurus catenatus (subspecies edwardsi) – Desert Massasauga
  123. Sistrurus catenatus (subspecies tergeminus) – Western Massasauga
  124. Sistrurus miliarius (subspecies barbouri) – Southeastern Pygmy Rattlesnake, Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake
  125. Sistrurus miliarius (subspecies miliarius) – Carolina Pygmy Rattlesnake
  126. Sistrurus miliarius (subspecies streckeri) – Western Pygmy Rattlesnake
  127. Sonora semiannulata – Ground Snake
  128. Stilosoma extenuatum – Short-tailed Snake
  129. Storeria dekayi – Brown Snake (S. dekayi, Northern Brown Snake (S. d. dekayi, Duge’s Brown Snake (S. d. anomala, Marsh Brown Snake (S. d. limnetes, Trapido’s Brown Snake (S. d. temporalineata, Texas Brown Snake (S. d. texana, Tropical Brown Snake (S. d. tropica, Florida Brown Snake (S. d. victa, Midland Brown Snake (S. d. wrightorum)
    131 Storeria occipitomaculata Redbelly Snake (S. occipitomaculata, Northern Redbelly Snake (S. o. occipitomaculata, Florida Redbelly Snake (S. o. obscura, Black Hills Redbelly Snake (S. o. pahasapae)
  130. Tantilla atriceps – Mexican Blackhead Snake
  131. Tantilla coronata – Southeastern Crowned Snake
  132. Tantilla cucullata – Big Bend Blackhead Snake, Blackhood Snake
  133. Tantilla gracilis – Flathead Snake
  134. Tantilla hobartsmithi – Southwestern Blackhead Snake
  135. Tantilla nigriceps – Plains Blackhead Snake
  136. Tantilla oolitica – Rim Rock Crowned Snake
  137. Tantilla planiceps – Western Blackhead Snake
  138. Tantilla relicta – Florida Crowned Snake (T. relicta, Peninsula Crowned Snake (T. r. relicta, Central Florida Crowned Snake (T. r. neilli, Coastal Dunes Crowned Snake (T. r. pamlica)
    141 Tantilla wilcoxi Chihuahuan Blackhead Snake
  139. Tantilla yaquia – Yaqui Blackhead Snake
  140. Thamnophis atratus – Pacific Coast Aquatic Garter Snake, Santa Cruz Garter Snake (T. atratus and T. a. atratus, Oregon Garter Snake (T. a. hydrophilus)
  141. Thamnophis brachystoma – Shorthead Garter Snake, Short-headed Garter Snake
  142. Thamnophis butleri – Butler’s Garter Snake
  143. Thamnophis couchii – Western Aquatic Garter Snake, Sierra Garter Snake
  144. Thamnophis cyrtopsis – Blackneck Garter Snake, Black-necked Garter Snake (T. cyrtopsis, Western Blackneck Garter Snake (T. c. cyrtopsis, Tropical Blackneck Garter Snake (T. c. collaris, Eastern Blackneck Garter Snake (T. c. ocellatus, Tepalcatpec Valley Garter Snake (T. c. postremus, Mexican Highland Garter Snake (T. c. pulchrilatus, Yellow-throated Garter Snake (T. c. pulchrilatus, Smith’s Garter Snake (T. c. vicinis)
  145. Thamnophis elegans – Western Terrestrial Garter Snake (T. elegans, Mountain Garter Snake (T. e. elegans, Arizona Garter Snake (T. e. arizonae, Mexican Wandering Garter Snake (T. e. errans, San Pedro Martir Garter Snake (T. e. hueyi, Coast Garter Snake (T. e. terrestris, Wandering Garter Snake (T. e. vagrans, Upper Basin Garter Snake (T. e. vascotanneri)
  146. Thamnophis eques – Mexican Garter Snake (T. eques, Southern Mexican Garter Snake (T. e. eques, Northern Mexican Garter Snake (T. e. megalops, Bluestripe Mexican Garter Snake (T. evirgatenuis)
  147. Thamnophis gigas – Giant Garter Snake
    151 Thamnophis hammondii Two-striped Garter Snake
  148. Thamnophis marcianus – Checkered Garter Snake (T. marcianus, Marcy’s Checkered Garter Snake (T. m. marcianus, Bovall’s Checkered Garter Snake (T. m. bovalli, Yucatan Checkered Garter Snake (T. m. praeocularis)
  149. Thamnophis ordinoides – Northwestern Garter Snake
  150. Thamnophis proximus Western Ribbon Snake (T. proximus and T. p. proximus, Chiapas Highland Ribbon Snake (T. p. alpinus, Arid Land Ribbon Snake (T. p. diabolicus, Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake (T. p. orarius, Redstripe Ribbon Snake (T. p. rubrilineatus, Gulf Coast Ribbon Snake (T. p. rutiloris)
  151. Thamnophis radix – Plains Garter Snake
  152. Thamnophis rufipunctatus – Narrowhead Garter Snake, Narrowhead Watersnake (T. rufipunctatus and T. r. rufipunctatus), Durangan Narrowhead Watersnake, Durangan Narrowhead Garter Snake (T. r. nigronuchalis) Southern Durango Spotted Garter Snake (T. r. nigronuchalis, Chihuahuan Narrowhead Watersnake Chihuahuan Narrowhead Garter Snake (T. r. unilabialis)
  153. Thamnophis sauritus – Eastern Ribbon Snake (T. s. sauritus, Bluestripe Ribbon Snake (T. s. nitae, Peninsula Ribbon Snake (T. s. sackenii, Northern Ribbon Snake (T. s. septentrionalis)
  154. Thamnophis sirtalis – Common Garter Snake (T. sirtalis), Eastern Garter Snake (T. s. sirtalis, Texas Garter Snake (T. s. annectans, Red-spotted Garter Snake (T. s. concinnus, New Mexico Garter Snake (T. s. dorsalis, Valley Garter Snake (T. s. fitchi, California Red-sided Garter Snake (T. s. infernalis, Lowe’s Garter Snake (T. s. lowei, Maritime Garter Snake (T. s. pallidulus, Red-sided Garter Snake (T. s. parietalis, Puget Sound Garter Snake (T. s. pickeringii, Chicago Garter Snake (T. s. semifasciatus, Bluestripe Garter Snake (T. s. similis, San Francisco Garter Snake (T. s. tetrataenia)
  155. Trimorphodon biscutatus – Lyre Snake (T. biscutatus, Western Lyre Snake (T. b. biscutatus, Sonoran Lyre Snake (T. b. lambda, Baja California Lyre Snake (T. b. lyrophanes, Central American Lyre Snake (T. b. quadruplex, California Lyre Snake (T. b. vandenburghi, Texas Lyre Snake (T. b. vilkensonii)
  156. Tropidoclonion lineatum – Lined Snake
    161 Virginia pulchra Mountain Earth Snake
  157. Virginia striatula – Rough Earth Snake
  158. Virginia valeriae – Smooth Earth Snake (V. valeriae, Eastern Earth Snake (V. v. valeriae, Western Earth Snake (V. v. elegans)

Snake Info for Southeast Asia / Far East + USA

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