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[Last Updated: 1 March 2022]

Here is some general information about snakes in Thailand to put your mind at ease about the danger of venomous snakes in the country.

There is little to be afraid of if you are coming to visit Thailand for a few days, even a month. You are not likely to see any snakes at all unless you are out specifically looking for them. Even then, sometimes when I go looking, I don’t find any snakes after hours of looking. A friend just north of me in Hua Hin told me that he and another two guys just went out for 6 hours the other night and found nothing. That is the way it goes sometimes.

The video below covers the reality of life in Thailand and whether you will see snakes, and what to do when you do see them.

Each area of the country is slightly different, but snakes exist all over Thailand. Just get used to that idea. Most snakes cannot harm you. All snakes prefer NOT to harm you. They just want to be left alone. They’re not social like puppies and kittens.

Watch this video for information about Thailand snakes in general. If you have any questions, just comment or write me an email. Cheers!

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  1. Hello, i’m in south Thailand for herp (prachuab khiri khan province)

    There are a tips on your website to explain how to find different species?

    Thanks a lot for all your information
    This website is great!

    Best regards

    1. I don’t think I have anything like that. I do give clues throughout the site about where they’re found. Look up specific snakes.

  2. I have found through experience as long as you give them their space and respect them for what they are you have a slim chance of getting bitten by a Venomous Snake. If you are going to go into the Jungle in Thailand keep your eyes open and watch where you walk and place your hands. Snakes do not want to have anything to do with us and do not like to waist venom unless they are hunting or defending themselves. Remember you are a Huge Predator to a Snake and as long as you respect the Reptiles and keep your distance you do not have anything to be worried about. Majority of all Bites are from people who mess with the Reptile Defensive Bites or Bites from not being aware that the Reptile is there.

  3. My friend has a Farm in the Chang Mei area of Thailand and he has a King Cobra that is about 16 feet living on his property and we see him now and then and my Friend leaves him alone because he is good for eating other snakes rodents and is a beautiful Reptile. The King Cobra is not aggressive or blood thirsty and he has only seen him ounce in his barn and just shows the Snake respect and keeps his distance.

    1. must be nice to have a resident king cobra around… do you have any photos?

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