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Preparing for Herping Season – Excited

Preparing for Herping Season – Excited
Nothing quite like the anticipation of another amazing snake season here in Thailand and maybe some other parts of Southeast Asia in 2017.

We got some rain last week, flooded the hell out of Krabi in some spots, but most of it drained within a couple hours of bucketing down and flooding roads and places I’d never seen flooded before. A bit like the flood of May 2011, but worse.

Last night I went out and found 4 snakes in 25 minutes. That might be a record. There were trees all over the road, and I couldn’t go far, but I herped what I could get to, and I guess I really wanted to find snakes because it wasn’t difficult, but some were in difficult spots to see.

Here’s a rundown of what the year looks like at the moment.

February – Sisaket and Ubon Ratchathani trip.

April – Isaan trip – Yasothon, Sisaket, Ubon, and there’s a national park in Mukdahan I want to have a look at. There’s some things up here other than snakes that I’m interested in – and I’m not only talking about Spago’s Pizza either! Though, if my stomach will handle it, I’ll shovel some in.

May – Possibly having a couple visitors for herping. Anything could happen, so we’ll see.

June – SnakeStalk 2017. So looking forward to it!

July – Considering making a run up to Nakhon to see a few people and herp some new areas. Thing is, I really want to focus on hatchling king cobras here in our area – and I have a couple places to check on continually during June/July. It’s probably better I stay here, and make it August I go up to Nakhon (Korat).

Aug – Herping the heck out of this place, or going to Korat.

September – Herping the heck out of this place.

October – depends on weather

November – depends on weather

December – not much is likely

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  1. I have in the month of April 2017 the intention to go to Kanchanaburi and a fellow monk to help to free a cave of snakes, because the cave can not yet be opened to the public.
    cave (s) are located on a small hill, mountain.

    1. Sounds like fun. They can leave those snakes in there if they are the cave racers “O. ridleyi” – they’re harmless. Is there a king cobra in there?

  2. Sounds like a great season! I’m tempted to visit Thailand again this year for herping. My visit last year turned up some decent 35 species in 3 days, something I haven’t been able to replicate here in Malaysia

    1. Try Langkawi – the hill that leads up to the resort with tea place at the top of the stairs – the place where the 4,000+ stairwell ends – Walk down that road slowly sometime in June or July and you could possibly replicate your success! I’m looking forward to a Langkawi trip this year myself. Here’s my article about climbing the steps. Has a map, the name of the place, etc: Langkawi Stair Climb

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