Keep Snakes Out! (EBook, PDF Book)

How to Keep Snake Out! of Your House and Yard

Keep Snakes Out cover for ordering this book at Amazon here.

Including Information About:

  • Snake-proofing your home
  • Snake habits and behavior
  • Tips and tricks


30 Super-easy Ways to Keep Snakes Away without Dangerous Chemicals


Just $4.99 for the eBook

Snakes come into houses, garages, businesses, vehicles, and anywhere that looks safe from rain, wind, and predators. This book was written to help you keep snake out of your yard and home or business.

This is in PDF format and has the 35 deadly terrestrial snakes of Thailand in detail and in high-resolution images. There are ESSENTIAL FIRST AID Instructions included.


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Or, get the PAPERBACK BOOK at Amazon here for $8.99.

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