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Thailand Snake Journal – Herping in November

It’s official, Thailand herping in November is damn near dead. There was some success at the beginning of the month with some guys from UK and Germany, and a guy from the USA. From about the 15th on – herping has been real rough. We’ve been out for about 15 hours over 2 nights and one day – in prime spots and found nothing to speak of. Sure we found scorpions, giant spiders, some cool geckos, and papaya sucking moths and bats, but, snakes? Skunked.

If it wasn’t for a German woman coming to tell us she just saw a wolf snake in her bungalow, in the ceiling, we’d have been completely skunked!

When I’m not herping I see more snakes. I caught a copperheaded racer and a blind snake during the last 3 days. Big whoop – right?

It’s been a tough week. It’s been so tough that these guys from the USA are going to go out on a longtail boat and catch mangrove snakes tomorrow morning. I’ll go for the ride and to shoot some video. The snake master down here – says 100% you WILL see mangrove snakes during this trip.

We’ll see! I’m not holding my breath man, it’s been a helluva week!


Snake posts by Vern Lovic. Amateur herpetologist roaming about Thailand on field herping tours and events to find king cobras, kraits, vipers, corals, keelbacks, and other snakes native to Thailand. FYI - Thailand has over 200 snake species. Here's our latest book with detailed information on Thailand's 35 Deadly Snakes. "Is That Snake In Your House Dangerous? Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes In Under 5 Minutes!" INFO HERE.

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