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Thailand Snake Identification Requests Way Down

The snake ID link on the right side column of this site is for anyone that wants to find out what snake they saw in Thailand during their stay.

Sometimes I can figure out what snake it is by the information given, and sometimes (usually) it’s a guess between a few different snakes. I’m not infallible of course, but I think it’s worth the effort to help allay fears that most people have over the snakes they saw.

Most of the time (85%+) the snake that is seen and reported through the Snake ID form – is probably not dangerous to humans. Rarely is it deadly.

By far, the greatest help is photos of the snake you saw. Send them to me at the email address listed on the right column. If you have time, and can do it safely – take a full body shot, take a head closeup from top and side. Estimate the length and thickness as best you can. Don’t forget to tell where exactly you found the snake – habitat and Thailand province.

The number of snake ID submissions went down a lot over the past week, while traffic on Thailand Snakes websites grew. This is the slow season for seeing snakes across the country. It’s getting colder and a lot of snakes are in a sort of hibernation. Not really inactive, but much less active unless they are mating.

On the other hand, I’ve been finding a lot of snakes lately. Apologies for not being able to post everything, I just have a lot of other projects to work on. Snakes are my fun time project. I don’t get all that much time for fun. If I have time – I go look for snakes, I don’t write about them here much.

If you have snake ID requests – check out this link:

Thailand Snake ID Form



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