Deadly Thailand Snakes


A king cobra let out of the bag for photos – almost turns deadly!

Be careful up there guys!

King cobra striking at man's balls. Amazing footage, never before seen.
Amazing never been seen before footage (and I’ve seen heaps of stuff) of a King Cobra striking right for this guy’s balls! CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.
King cobra after striking at man's testicles ready for follow-up strike.
This is after the king cobra went through his legs, and was still moving forward. The guy is trying like hell to back up and falls. Luckily the king goes another direction. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

King cobras are dangerous not because they are super fast, not because they have the worst venom in the world (they don’t), and not because they are so big.

They are so dangerous because they are so damn unpredictable, and because they are so big, they can do things that are hard to judge – and difficult to avoid. The guy grabbing the tail of the king cobra in this video has worked with kings for years.

He thought he was far enough away that the king couldn’t come in that fast. Unfortunately, this king was energized and quickly flipped back for a bite at the crotch.

Then, when it missed, the mouth is still open looking for something to bite. It was not happy at all.

I handle king cobras very, VERY rarely. In the open area like this the king can move quickly because there are some plants and uneven ground it can use to grip the surface. It’s nothing like a road or flat, smooth dirt spot.

So glad these guys are alright!!


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  1. First the guy pics up the bag with no thought for where the snake’s head might be. Then there are three guys around the snake and noone has a hook to be able to work it. Very very poor planning.

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