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The oriental whip snake - Ahaetulla prasina is a brilliant green snake found in Southeast Asia.
The oriental whip snake is a bright green snake – Thailand has many. ©

The most common green snake in Thailand (งูเขียว) is one of the whip snakes (A. prasina and A. nasuta). I thought I’d try to list here some of the Thailand snakes which are predominantly green. I came up with 27, but I think there is a green mountain keelback as well. If you have any other additions to this list, let me know and I’ll add them. Cheers!

  1. Ahaetulla prasinaOriental Whip Snake – Very thin and long green snake found mostly in the trees and bushes, but also found on the ground during the day looking for small lizards and frogs.
  2. Ahaetulla mycterizans – Malayan Whip Snake – Very thin and long snake, very much like the snake above (A. prasina).
  3. Boiga cyaneaGreen Cat Snake – A common snake in some areas, they are active primarily at night.
  4. Boiga sangsomi – Banded Green Cat Snake – Very rarely found. If you see a snake that looks like this, it is most likely B. cyanea above.
  5. Chrysopelea ornataGolden Tree Snake – Green and black-scaled flying snake. Very common. If you see a green snake in Thailand, it is probably this one.
  6. Chrysopelea paradisi – The Paradise Tree Snake is one of the green flying snakes, it looks very much like the snake above (C. ornata) being mostly green, but it has some red or orange marks on the top of the body.
  7. Gonyosoma oxycephalumRed-tailed Racer – A rat snake that eats birds and other animals found in the trees and bushes.
  8. Ophiophagus hannahKing Cobra – Some king cobras are olive-green colored.
  9. Ptyas nigromarginatus  – Green Rat Snake. A vividly green rat snake which has only recently been confirmed to be found in the far north of Thailand. The most beautiful rat snake I’ve ever seen really.
  10. Rhabdophis nigrocinctusGreen Keelback – these are mostly green with black bands.
  11. Trimeresurus albolabris – White-lipped Pit Viper
  12. Trimeresurus cardamomensis – Cardamom Mountains Green Pit Viper
  13. Trimeresurus erythrurus – Red-tailed or Bamboo Pit Viper
  14. Trimeresurus fucatus – Green pit viper
  15. Trimeresurus gumprechti – Gumprecht’s Green Pit Viper
  16. Trimeresurus hageni – Hagen’s Pit Viper
  17. Trimeresurus kanburiensis – Kanburi Pit Viper
  18. Trimeresurus nebularis – Cameron Highlands Pit Viper
  19. Trimeresurus phuketensisPhuket Pit Viper
  20. Trimeresurus popeiorum – Pope’s Pit Viper
  21. Trimeresurus puniceus – Ashy Pit Viper
  22. Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus – Mangrove Pit Viper
  23. Trimeresurus sumatranus – Sumatran Pit Viper
  24. Trimeresurus venustusBeautiful Pit Viper
  25. Trimeresurus vogeli – Vogel’s Pit Viper
  26. Trimeresurus wiroti – Wirot’s Pit Viper
  27. Tropidolaemus wagleriWagler’s Pit Viper
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