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I have been wanting to put a forum on Thailand Snakes for a couple of weeks now but just no time to do it. Today I found what I think is a good solution called Simple-Press for WordPress sites. It is a plugin that just took a little bit of coding to get right. The developer’s home page has a faq and installation guide that covered everythign I needed to know. There are skins and icons you can use or customize your own.

The Thailand snakes forum is primarily a place to come and ask questions about snakes and have snakes Identified if you are in doubt. There is a section for sharing snake photos, snake videos, and other snake articles which you should feel free to use as your own showcase for what you have recorded electronically.

If there are any herpetologists that would like to come on board – that’d be great, as there is a limit to what I know and can find with research. I repeat – I am NOT a herpetologist! Just a guy with a healthy obsession about learning as much as possible about Thailand’s snakes and other reptiles, amphibeans, and even sometimes – insects.

The forum is at:

Thailand Snakes Forum (

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  1. First, thank you for you work on this site. I saw a snake last night and would like to know more about it. It was about a meter long, and seemed dark and wet. (It was at night and I was on a bicycle). It was not aggressive, it moved more like a huge earth worm. I mostly stood around waiting for it to cross the road safely.

    Obviously not a keen observer of nature, but I do like most any living thing.

    Thanks, Tom Near Chiang Mai

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