Deadly Thailand Snakes

Essential Thailand Snake Book

Essential Thailand Snake Book

Identify Deadly Thailand Snakes in Under 5 Minutes

The Only Book You Need As a Homeowner in Thailand to Help You Identify Dangerous Snakes.

This EBook (PDF) Includes:

  • High-Resolution Images of the Snakes So You Can Identify Your Snake QUICKLY. 
  • DETAILED FACTS of the 35 Most Dangerous and Deadly Snakes in Thailand.
  • Initial First Aid Instructions for Each Snake – in Case of Bite
  • Exact Antivenom Needed – and Where It Can Be Found
  • 98 pages packed with CRUCIAL Information

Get Yours Now in PDF for Just $12.99 Today Just $5.

Send email and pay via PayPal or bank transfer within Thailand.

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Fact sheet for spitting cobra snake in Thailand in this ebook.
Spitting cobra first aid instructions link.
Every snake has detailed instructions about preliminary first aid you must do before reaching the hospital.
Blue necked keelback from Thailand - with full factual information and treatment for venomous bites from this potentially deadly snake.
The Blue-necked Keelback, though not likely to be found in your house, could be in your yard or you might see one on a hike. We have extensive information about each snake’s venom and behavioral characteristics besides photos and detailed description how to identify each.

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  1. I want to buy copies of all of your snake books in hard copy form (for my library and research use). I do not like pdfs on the computer. Do you have copies to sell? Please let me know. I have PayPal and a credit card. Thanks, Van

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