Deadly Thailand Snakes

The Deadly Snake Hardest to Identify in Thailand? Krait.

The Deadly Snake Hardest to Identify in Thailand? Krait.
Malayan Krait, or Blue Krait found in Thailand - a very deadly snake

The Malayan Krait (Bungarus candidus), or the Blue Krait as it’s sometimes called, is difficult to identify, and identifying it is essential because their venom is so deadly. Their venom paralyzes the nervous system and causes the muscles of the body to stop. That means the heart and diaphragm. You’ll need to be on a ventilator to stay alive after a krait bite.

Maybe the hardest to identify deadly snake that you should be aware of is an albino cobra, krait, coral snake, or Malayan pit viper. Albino snakes are not common, but, keep in mind that any white snake that bites you could be quite deadly and you’ll want to get to the hospital immediately. If easy to kill the snake – do so. Don’t risk being bitten again. Take a digital photo of it, or a few – would be better.

The photo above is the Malayan Krait. The photos below are snakes that are completely harmless. Keep in mind that Malayan Krait babies look just like these smaller innocuous snakes.

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  1. People think the British Adder is harmless. However, when I was 9 years old I was bitten in the county of West Sussex, England by an Adder – a member of the Viper family of snakes. My foot swelled up to twice normal size and I felt faint within 5 minutes. An ambulance was called in which I lost consciousness. I awoke after 10 hours in the emergency department and was told by doctors that they “nearly lost me”. Apparently my very small size and acute allergy to snake venom contributed to my severe reaction. My advice to anyone – DON’T go near the common adder !!

  2. Just catch a malayan krit few days a go .at day time it was not moving much so could catch him easy …didnt know what snake it was even untill I had a look in your website

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