Jackie The SnakeMan

Jackie - a Thailand Snake Handler with an Oriental Whip Snake - Ahaetulla prasina

Jackie is a snake handler and will be doing the Cobra shows in Ao Nang in a few months. He’s really friendly and goes out of his way to make visitors feel comfortable around the snakes.

Here’s a video interview with Jackie about getting bitten by a reticulated python:

2 thoughts on “Jackie The SnakeMan”

  1. hi im only 10 but I am fascinated by snakes and want one for my 11th birthday (in may). Know any good non venomous ones?

    • Red tailed pipe snakes if you can find some that were born in captivity… they are very calm… awesome colors, and they eat lots of things – ant eggs, termite eggs, and even other snakes if they can find one. Cheers!

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