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Thailand Snake Journal – Golden Tree Snakes (Chrysopelea ornata ornatissima)

Golden Tree Snakes are everywhere these days. Yesterday we were driving up a road outside the city when my wife saw what she described as either a Malayan Blue Krait, or possibly a Bridle or Wolf snake… when we saw a little – 30cm maybe, Golden Tree Snake trying to get across the road with about 10 cars going both directions. I stopped and almost jumped out to grab him when I noticed a very large dump truck coming down the hill. It arrived in 5 seconds – dashing my hopes to grab the little sucker.

It DID make it across the street, though it only has 8 lives left for sure.

Just 10 minutes ago I noticed a reptile egg outside on the ground in the back among the leaves. I am holding the baby, but decided to go have a look. I stepped out into the back and bam – small Golden Tree Snake on my left – about 20 cm and moving away. Someone put an old metal door in front of my entranceway and I had to move that first – scaring the snake into moving faster away. It jumped (they can REALLY jump) about a meter into the leaves and junk and I quickly followed, baby hanging off one arm and me kneeling in the leaves and trash trying desperately to follow it.

I saw it a couple of times – and was sure I was going to get it about 3 times. I missed everytime.

I’ll go back out now and root through the leaves with my snake hook. Maybe there are more eggs that haven’t hatched yet. The egg I saw was just barely cracked – but the ants had already eaten whatever was inside.

Snakes all over the place in the South of Thailand – but, just the tree snakes, and I saw a radiated rat snake the other day too.



Here’s a photo  – not the Golden Tree Snake, but, can anyone tell me what it is?

Beautiful bulbous head – right?

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  1. What is the snake with the bulbous head? Found one today coiled up in the toilet brush holder.. Very docile so I took it to the far end of theantation and released it :)

    1. Bulbous head? You take a photo? What color? I dont’ know any off hand… unless it’s a viper with a big head on the end of a very skinny neck. Hope it wasn’t that!

  2. Just happen to saw your post when i was googling around for snake photos, not sure whether you already have the ID for the “Beautiful bulbous head” since this was posted in year 2011, the snake mentioned was known as the Kanburi Pit Viper (Trimeresurus kanburiensis).

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