Thailand Sea Snakes Classification

Family Hydrophiidae (Sea Snakes) in Thailand

Acalyptophis peronii
Aipysurus eydouxii
Astrotia stokesii
Enhydrina schistosa
Hydrophis atriceps
Lapemis curtus
Hydrophis atriceps
Hydrophis belcheri
Hydrophis bituberculatus
Hydrophis brooki
Hydrophis caerulescens
Hydrophis cantoris
Hydrophis cyanocinctus
Hydrophis fasciatus
Hydrophis gracilis
Hydrophis klossi
Hydrophis lamberti
Hydrophis lapemoides
Hydrophis melanosoma
Hydrophis ornatus
Hydrophis spiralis
Hydrophis torquatus
Hydrophis torquatus aagaardi
Hydrophis torquatus diadema
Kerilia jerdoni
Kolophis annandalei
Pelamis platura
Thalassophina viperina
Thalassophis anomalus

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