Other Venomous Snakes


Red necked keelback (Rhabdophis subminiatus) is now classified as a deadly venomous snake.
Red Necked keelback – do not keep as a pet – can cause serious kidney damage.

With the exception of the Red-necked Keelback, these snakes are not traditionally listed as venomous, but significant reactions have occurred in some people after bites and envenomation by the following snakes. Great care should be taken with these snakes.

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  1. If exposed to powdered rattlesnake head dust, (accidentally inhaled) and symptoms of nervousness, anxiety, numbness on the tongue and lips, headaches, slight memory loss, sore eyes, and slow tingling sensations all over the body intermittently, severe hair loss ‘begin one month’ after exposure, what blood test would show neurotoxin poisening in the blood?
    Would symptoms continue to get worse, or will symptoms go away if it took one month to develop symptoms?
    Is it a blood test to show exposure?
    If so what is the blood test called?
    What is the treatment?
    Anxiously awaiting your response.
    Please answer privately and do not post my question.

    Kind Regards


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