How to Remove Kukri Snakes from Your Home and Yard

This page covers the 10+ Kukri snakes in Thailand. At the bottom of this page is a video about How To Remove Kukri Snakes from your property that gives all the info you need. If you haven’t seen them yet here are more educational videos:

Kukri Appearance

On the top of the head is a distinct pattern in some of the Kukri species. Study the photos below. There is only one other snake I’m aware of with a slightly similar pattern – Homalopsis buccata, the Puff-faced Water Snake (info). The body has an odd pattern that sometimes appears as bands, and on other snake as regular blotches on the vertebral column, and smaller bands between the larger blotches. Impossible to describe. Study the photos below to give you the best idea.

How to Remove Kukri Snakes from Your Home?

Kukri snakes are harmless unless you step directly on top of one, and then you’ll bleed a bit, but recover fine if you take care of the bite site. If you can, ideally, just scoot the snake out of the door and let it go into your yard. These snakes eat eggs primarily, so if you don’t have chickens or birds laying eggs, this snake is just fine to have around the yard. They can be found in garden areas OFTEN. We have hundreds of photos of kukri snakes in yards and gardens, porches, sent in to be identified.

How To Remove Kukri Snakes Video