How to Remove Green Tree Snakes from Your Home

How to Remove Green Tree Snakes from Your Home
This page covers the Oriental Whip Snake | Malayan Whip Snake | Golden Tree Snake | Paradise Tree Snake. At the bottom of this page is a video that gives all the info you need to remove an Oriental Whip Snake from your home. Video for the other tree snakes coming shortly.


Tree snakes start out as small as 20 cm in some cases. Snakes at that length will be very thin – around 1cm. As adults, tree snakes can grow to over a meter in length, with some reaching 2 meters (79 inches) in length. These usually green snakes vary widely in color phase.

Distinguishing from Green Pit Vipers

Before you attempt to move a bright green snake that you think is a tree snake, make sure you KNOW it is not a Green Pit Viper. How can you know?

On the top and sides of the body, Green Pit Vipers are usually bright green, lime green, dull green, blue-green, or any type green. Some have brown or red spots (Brown-spotted Pit Viper and Phuket Pit Viper). Brown on top of tail. Adult Green Pit Vipers are typically shorter and thicker than tree snakes except when very young.

Photos of Green Pit Vipers


Green color on top and sides – bright green, blue-green, regular green. Can also be yellow or grey. Brown on top of tail is common, but some green tree snakes have green tails. Body type is VERY thin, no matter how long they are. The thickest Oriental Whip Snake I’ve ever seen was only about as thick as a broom handle. When gravid (with young) they may be slightly thicker.

Photos of Green Tree Snakes


Green tree snakes are of no danger at all. No danger to you, your children, or your dog or cat.


Though harmless, even if they bite, green tree snakes will frequently attempt to bite. This is like every animal on the planet that feels threatened. It feels threatened when it sees you, that’s enough to make it fearful. Bites feel like very small pin-pricks. Teeth are very small – couple of millimeters long. Green tree snakes coil to strike if possible, but if you’re holding them mid-body, they can just reach your arm to bite. No coiling is needed.

How to Remove Green Tree Snakes from Your Home?

Just leave the door open or windows open and scoot them outside with a broom. Do be careful with them, they are thin and fragile snakes. Don’t be rough. Don’t be in a hurry. Think about the snake’s well-being. It isn’t there to bother you, it was just chasing geckos more than likely.

Video – How To Remove Oriental Whip Snake from Your Home

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