Smallest Deadly Snake in Thailand?

Thailand monocled cobra baby on the road.

The baby cobras, kraits, Malayan pit vipers, and coral snakes can all kill you just like the adults of their species. Though they don’t have as much venom, or fangs with tubes wide enough to transfer as much venom as an adult, they need not to. Usually a snake like this can inject more than enough to kill a person.

Some adult Malayan pit vipers are only 60 centimeters or so. That’s not a big snake. Big enough to kill you though.

Take all snake bites seriously and get to the hospital as fast as possible after being bitten. Don’t wait for pain or other symptoms, some snake venom doesn’t give many symptoms at all at first.

Hope for a “dry-bite” and that no or very little venom was injected!

3 thoughts on “Smallest Deadly Snake in Thailand?”

  1. they are so nice that i want to die for them!

  2. we just found a baby cobra in a small hole in our back yard is it probable that there is a family or more here . we just moved in and are concerned that if we found a baby one there would be more here. it was about 8 inches or 50 mil long

    • Yeah, that’s the right size for a baby. There are likely more. Possibly many more. Do stay alert – day and night.

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