Cobra Dinner | Video – Could You Eat it?

Eating Cobra for Dinner
I know this guy, he’s Thai. His dog found a cobra in the yard and alerted him. The dog ripped the insides out of the snake already. It was going to die in a short while. He came out and was able to kill it. He sent me pics. Then he told me he was going to eat it. I figured, yeah, might as well if it’s dead already. Don’t waste it.

Here is the series of photos that he sent me.

Cobra hunter dog in Thailand.
The dog “hero” that found the cobra in grass in the yard.
Cobra in Sisaket, Thailand.
Cobra hooded in the driveway. The dog had already got to it and it had a mortal wound (at least one).
Dead monocled cobra after Thai hit it with shovel.
The Thai guy killed the cobra with a shovel.
Dead monocled cobra in a plastic bag - Sisaket, Thailand.
Dead monocled cobra in a plastic bag.
Skinned monocled cobra before cooking (raw).
Skinned monocled cobra on the chopping block, about to be turned into dinner.
Skinned Cobra on the grill.
On the grill… it didn’t take too long.
Cobra Lahp for dinner in Sisaket, Thailand
Cobra Lahp in Sisaket, Thailand
Cobra for dinner.
Ready to eat

The Next Part – is the beating heart of the dead cobra – after skinning and removing the guts. The guy didn’t think it was alive at all, but apparently, the heart beats on though the snake is brain dead.

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