Snake Bags, Traps, Tongs Recommendations

Snake Bags, Traps, Tongs Recommendations
Many people have written to ask if we have tongs, traps, bags, and nooses for sale so they can easily and safely remove snakes from their homes or property here in Thailand.

Below is a brief description of each product and a link where you could buy something like it.

There really is no great solution for non-snake experts to enable easy and safe catching and release of snakes in Thailand. It is best left to experts, but in remote areas, experts are not usually available.



These are small, rectangle-shaped boxes with glue on the bottom. When the snake enters, it is immediately stuck in the glue and cannot escape. The glue is super strong when activated (paper removed).

When you find a snake in the box, you can grab the whole box with tongs or a shovel and place it in a big plastic box or in the back of a truck and take it to be released somewhere suitable. Release is easy, it is accomplished by dripping vegetable oil on the glue, which cancels the sticky glue and allows the snake to escape.

Use of these is always questionable because the person setting the traps MUST check the traps so they’re not too hot, flooded, or whatever… ending up killing the snake or whatever other animals are caught in the glue.


Most people who handle snakes have hooks to put some distance between them and the snake, or for reaching in and hooking and pulling a snake out of a hole, up off the ground, or from a cage or other enclosure.

Snake hooks are essential tools for safety. I use a cheap $5 hook I had made from a free golf club my friend gave me, and I had the metal guys at the shop bend a hook to match one that Tom Charlton gave me. Worked perfectly. This hook is good for snakes other than pythons or kings over 2 meters.

Recently on a visit, Al Coritz gave me one of his Midwest Pro-Line 3-piece sectional hooks which are great for traveling because they close down to just 14.5″.

Anyway, I have a page on Best Snake Hooks here >


Forty inches long (1 meter), these tongs give you a safe distance to handle snakes a meter or so long. These tongs are a made of light aluminum. Please note, tongs are only for people who don’t mind getting a meter away from snakes.

Tongs are not recommended because nearly everyone squeezes too hard and breaks the ribs of the snakes they catch. Some real finesse is necessary to catch a snake gently with tongs and not cause any damage.

It is highly recommended you do not catch snakes for fun – when you don’t know how to use tongs properly. Try a snake hook. If you need to remove a snake from your property – use a Snake Noose like below.

I don’t recommend snake tongs – the good tongs are from They are expensive and the only place I could get shipping to Thailand was EBay. I paid $140 USD. It probably is too expensive an option for most people.


These are large capacity bags which can hold meter long snakes or less. They are made of a breathable and very strong material that will not tear. There are ties on the top of the bag to tie it securely once the snake is in the bag.

I don’t recommend snake bags – just too dangerous if you’re not trained in how to use them, and if you’re not trained in the potential of the snake you’re dealing with.


This is an aluminum tube with a noose at one end which is easily slipped around a snake’s neck from a distance. When the noose is set you can tighten the thin rope to trap the snake. The snake will twist and flip around quite a bit, but you will be able to remove the snake to a safe place and easily let it go.

This is recommended for all people who are afraid of snakes. Please note, this can damage the skin, and in some cases the snake may seriously injure itself in trying to get free. Use this as a last alternative, when someone isn’t available to come and pick up the snake for you.

If you live in Hua Hin, Krabi, Koh Phangnan or Koh Samui, there is a local snake enthusiast who can pick up the snake for you. Contact Us to get info.

Here is a 6 foot noose, but they don’t ship to Thailand. If you want to order it and have it sent to your home country, and then have it sent on here to Thailand – that will work.

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