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Top 25 Venomous Snakes and Most Dangerous Ones

So I was on the new ChatGPT4 this morning and asked it about snakes again. Like Chat GPT3 and 3.5, it isn’t the most accurate resource for information on snakes. Anyway, here are my questions about the top 25 venomous snakes and what it replied with.

What are the 25 most dangerous snakes on the planet (and in the water) in terms of venom toxicity?

The following is a list of 25 of the most venomous snakes in the world, arranged in no particular order:

  1. Inland Taipan
  2. Belcher’s Sea Snake
  3. Dubois’ Sea Snake
  4. Eastern Brown Snake
  5. Black Tiger Snake
  6. Coastal Taipan
  7. Many-banded Krait
  8. Blue Krait
  9. Russell’s Viper
  10. Saw-scaled Viper
  11. Philippine Cobra
  12. Spotted Brown Snake
  13. Western Brown Snake
  14. Death Adder
  15. Indian Cobra
  16. Red-bellied Black Snake
  17. Boomslang
  18. Black Mamba
  19. Green Mamba
  20. King Cobra
  21. Fierce Snake
  22. Malayan Krait
  23. Papuan Taipan
  24. Beaked Sea Snake
  25. Yellow-bellied Sea Snake

It’s important to note that venom toxicity is not the only factor that determines a snake’s level of danger. Other factors, such as aggressiveness and habitat, should also be taken into consideration.

Vern’s Note – Not horrible, but it gave me Malayan Krait and Blue Krait – which are the same snakes (Bungarus candidus) unless it’s referring to another krait species also called the Blue Krait somewhere in the world.

It seems to be using some other criteria than LD-50 to qualify a snake as ‘most venomous’ because it tagged the King Cobra but didn’t tag the Banded Krait (B. fasciatus), or the Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia). Both of those snakes have a stronger venom than the king cobra, but the king cobra has more volume of it to inject.

Another question…

Which snakes on this list are considered dangerous due to their aggressiveness?

Vern’s Note – I used ‘aggressiveness’ because the AI used that word in the answer above, and rather than try to educate it that snakes are defensive and not aggressive toward people, except in very rare cases like when pythons target humans, I wanted to see its response.

Aggressiveness is not the sole factor that determines a snake’s level of danger, but some of the snakes on the list are known to be aggressive and can pose a threat to humans. The snakes that are generally considered to be more aggressive and dangerous in terms of their behavior are:

  1. Eastern Brown Snake
  2. Black Mamba
  3. King Cobra
  4. Fierce Snake

It’s important to remember that any snake, regardless of species, has the potential to be dangerous if provoked or threatened. It’s always best to treat all snakes with caution and respect, and to avoid interacting with them whenever possible.

Vern’s Note – Again, it’s interesting to note that it chose the King Cobra as one of the top 4 for aggressiveness. The King Cobra is one of the least aggressive snakes I’ve ever seen – when not provoked.

Anyway, not sure what we really learned here except that the newest iteration of ChatGPT cannot be trusted for too much yet when it comes to specialized areas of knowledge. That will probably change soon.

What do you all think about our new intelligent overlord?

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