Keeled Rat Snake – Ptyas carinata – Not Dangerous

Keeled Rat Snake (Ptyas carinata) (Page Updated: 5 June 2022) Thais say: Ngoo noo Length: These snakes can reach almost 4 meters in length, though they are much more common at the 2 meter length. Range: In Thailand the keeled rat snake is found all over the country. I have found them in Krabi, Surat, and the Sisaket … Read more

Keeled Rat Snake with Mesmerizing Movement (Video) Thailand Snake Note

Before you read today’s Snake Note below – watch this video Vince did. It’s a 2m long keeled rat snake that shows some amazing moves once it spots Vince. Turn on the English captions, he speaks Dutch at first. Blow it up to full screen, it’s still good quality. I’ve had a few visitors to … Read more

Ptyas carinata – carinatus – Keeled Rat Snake

I found a lovely specimen of the Ptyas carinata snake on the way down a mountain this evening. It was about 6:45 pm and the sun had set 15 minutes before. I was running down the steps and took a few seconds to breathe – when I saw the snake on some limestone rocks beside … Read more